Castle McDuck

  Sir Quackly McDuck

Sir Quackly

Hail, traveler!  Welcome to Castle McDuck, the ancient ancestral home of the clan McDuck!  I trust ye made it across Dismal Downs safely?  Good.  Ye never know when the Hound of the Whiskervilles is on the prowl.
Who am I?  Why, I'm Sir Quackly McDuck, of course.  I've been watching over this place since 1057.  Ye say I look good for my age?  Well, my thanks to ye, but it's been many a year since I've had to worry about that.

I suppose ye'd best be on your way before the caretaker, Scottie, sees you.  I know ye dinnae mean any harm, but you're really not supposed t' be here.  Fare thee well!


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