Annie Klondike

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annie3.jpg (7345 bytes)Iannie5.jpg (11962 bytes)t all began when the burglar alarm at the Money Bin went off.  Scrooge, Donald and his nephews came running to investigate.   Although nothing had been stolen, they found an old pickaxe.  They wondered what could have happened.  Scrooge noticed the manufacturer's name on the pickaxe, and remembered that that type of tool was made during the gold rush.  So, Scrooge and the boys headed North yet again.  Then they were confronted by a stranger who shot a hole in Scrooge's hat.  Suddenly, he recognized her...Annie Klondike.

Then came these two pages:  PAGE 1 & PAGE 2  (translated from French by Gilles Maurice and me.)

Finally, Scrooge remembered (what is it about the Klondike that gives him amnesia? ;-).  It seems that underneath the paint, that pickaxe was actually made of gold.  Everything was cleared up, and Scrooge and his nephews returned to Duckburg.

Special thanks to Gilles Maurice for the info, scans and translations!

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