Divine affection between Aphroducky and Scrooge

AphroduckyIn the DuckTales episode "A DuckTales Valentine" Scrooge is accidentally poked with one of Cupid's arrows (yes, the real Cupid!), and so is the Greek goddess of love, Aphroducky.  (Her name is an obvious pun on the real Greek goddess Aphrodite, a.k.a. Venus.)  It's love at first sight--much to the dismay of Aphroducky's similarly-divine husband, Vulcan! 

The magically smitten Scrooge tears up the yard of the mansion to put in a temple to Aphroducky's greatness.   He's so obsessed with fawning over her that he even snubs Webby's valentine gift of a home-made cupcake.  Vulcan shows up and threatens to do some major smiting, but Scrooge vows to spend "eternity on Mount Olympus" with his new love.  Then Huey, Dewey and Louie remind him that doing so would mean he'd never see them again.   He cares for his nephews most of all, and that breaks the spell.  Aphroducky and Vulcan go back to Mount Olympus and Scrooge is apparently left with a hefty landscaping bill to fix the mansion grounds! ;-)

Aphroducky lets her hair down Smooooooooch!

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A great big thanks to "Calisota or Bust!" for all the screengrabs of Aphroducky!

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