Mrs. Crackshell

Mrs Crackshell 1Although Mrs. Crackshell is not usually thought of as a love interest for Scrooge, the two did go on a date in one DuckTales episode, so I feel I should include her.  The episode was called "Blue Collar Scrooge."  Scrooge had lost his memory in a skateboard accident, and with it his Scottish accent.  No one, including Mrs. Crackshell, knew who he was.  Mrs. Crackshell took pity on him, for he was homeless and confused, and took him in.  He got a job at one of his own factories and lived in the Crackshell trailer until he regained his memory.  Out of gratitude for Mrs. Crackshell's charity and kindness, he took her out for pizza.  It was their only known date, but there was a definite sense of fondness.

Mrs. Crackshell has no known first name.  Her son, Fenton, always calls her M'ma ("Mama" with an unusual stress on the second syllable.)  Fenton is Scrooge's accountant, and also acts as security guard under the disguise of Gizmoduck.  She presumably was married at some point, but is either divorced or widowed.

Mrs Crackshell 2Without curlers!Mrs. Crackshell is a lazy person.  Her only activities seem to include lounging on the sofa and watching soap operas on television.  She is rarely seen without rollers in her hair and a bathrobe (pictured at right is the only exception.)  The only time she was known to have worked in a job is when a freak electrical accident temporarily gave her psychic powers.  Then she worked briefly for Scrooge, predicting the stock market.  Flintheart Glomgold kidnapped her to take advantage of her powers, but her powers were lost shortly thereafter, and she was back to being a full-time couch potato.  There were no romantic overtones in that incident whatsoever.

Mrs. Crackshell on the couch

A great big thanks to "Calisota or Bust!" for the four screengrabs of M'ma Crackshell!

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