Fiona Rapson

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fiona4.jpg (7031 bytes)fiona6.jpg (5689 bytes)As far as I know, Fiona only appeared in one story, "Den knusende sandhed".  The story code is I-2195-5, published in Onkel Joakim NR. 12/1998.  (Special thanks to Anders Christian for helping me get a copy of this story! :-)

Ignazio L. informed me, "I believe it was published first in "Topolino" #2195, December 23rd 1997 (the 50th anniversary of Scrooge); original title: "Zio Paperone e le grandi conquiste"([roughly translated as] "Uncle Scrooge and the great conquests.")  Giles M. e-mailed me to say the story is also in the French "Minnie Mag" n░50, from August 1999.  In France, Fiona is called Ludivine, and the story title is "Les Femmes de Picsou" ("$crooge's women"). Paulo M. let me know that the story is by Andrea Ferraris and Gianfranco Cordara.  Thanks to Ignazio, Giles and Paulo for the additional info!

Fiona Rapson is a tall, young reporter for the magazine "Damernes Blad".  She sets out to publish an exposÚ on the women in Scrooge McDuck's life (a kindred spirit!)  ;-) but ends up getting a major crush on him!

She interviews Goldie, Brigitta, Magica DeSpell, and Hedda Traul.  When she begins investigating, she's grouchy and ruthless, digging up dirt wherever she can.  But apparently after listening to the other ladies' stories, her heart softened.

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