Glenda Goose

Unfortunately, there was no picture of Glenda Goose in the only story in which she is mentioned:   "Temper, Temper", storycode D95086, published in Uncle $crooge #307(Dec '97).  Story by Gorm Transgaard, script by Gary Gabner, art by Alfarez, color by Summer Hinton.

A tabloid reporter makes up a story saying that Scrooge is engaged to a movie star named Glenda Goose.  When asked about it, Scrooge has a fit and tosses the reporter out the window!

The Reporter entraps Scrooge

When he is quoted out of context, however, it looks like Scrooge has jilted the movie star!

Glenda Who?

The more he angrily tries to deny it, the more people are convinced he was engaged to Glenda Goose, and believe he's a horrible person for treating her so badly!

WHAT wedding?

At last, Scrooge does a TV interview to set the record straight.  People finally believe that he has had no relationship with Glenda, but when the interviewer mentions of the tabloid reporter who started the rumor in the first place, Scrooge has a huge temper tantrum on-camera, and people go back to having low opinions of him.  He just can't win!

Scrooge on TV

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