Granny DeSpell

Magica DeSpell's grandmother appeared in a story coded  J-2277-1, called "Piaty Zywiol" in Polish and "Amelia e la furia degli elementi" in Italian.  The Italian title translates as "Magica DeSpell and the Fury of the Elements."

In the story, Magica is visited by her Grandmother, her former boyfriend, Kwakus, and her niece, Minima.  They help her to steal the treasures of the Roman gods--although they cause more trouble than they're worth in the process.  Using the treasures stolen from the gods, they plan to steal Scrooge's Number One Dime. 

However, when Granny DeSpell tries to use Cupid's Arrows as weapons their plans go awry.  One arrow strikes Donald, and he falls in love with Magica.  She pretends to return his feelings in order to get closer to Scrooge and the Dime.  Her old boyfried, Kwakus, is heartbroken.  Later Granny DeSpell accidentally shoots herself with one of the arrows, making her fall in love with Scrooge.

As chaos breaks out, Daisy drops by the Money Bin for a visit and is horrified to see Donald enamored with Magica! 

Magica uses the distraction to finally steal Scrooge's Dime, but Donald causes her to drop it.  The jealous Kwakus snatches the Dime away and swallows it, seeing an opportunity for revenge against Magica for spurning him.   Unfortunately, he is allergic to Magica's raven and he sneezes, sending the dime shooting into Miss Quackfaster's fish bowl!  The fish promptly eats the Dime!

Magica zaps Scrooge, but her grandmother smashes her over the head with a money sack, saying "Shame on you!  This is your punishment for what you did to my Scroogey!"

Kwakus and Minima grab Granny DeSpell and the unconscious Magica and take them away.  Granny DeSpell shouts, "I'll be back, Scrooge!  I can't live without you!"

In the end, Daisy goes to Mount Vesuvius to make Magica turn Donald back to normal.  Granny DeSpell is still tied up in a lovesick daze, saying, "Where are you, Scrooge, my love?"

Many thanks to Maciek from Poland for the information and pictures! :-)

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