Klondike Kate

This character only appeared in one story, and then only in one frame.  One of Scrooge's ships sank, and he went to quite a bit of trouble to salvage it, claiming it contained a treasure "more precious than gold."  This drew the attention of the Beagle Boys, who wanted this treasure for themselves.  When the safe was opened, however, it only contained an old tintype of a lady duck.  The Beagles were understandably miffed, since this wasn't anything of monetary value.  Scrooge however, called the lady in the picture, Klondike Kate, his "only true love."  When a Beagle called her a "silly-looking duck", Scrooge became furious and gave the crooks quite a thrashing.

No other details about Klondike Kate were given, but judging by her name I surmise she was another lady friend Scrooge met during the Yukon Gold Rush.  I wonder if Goldie knew about this?  ;-)

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