Linda Dora

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Linda Dora appeared in only three panels of a story that appeared in France's Picsou Magazine #252.  The story is titled "Des Favoris en or!" which translates as "The Golden Whiskers" (story code B770076A).  The art is by Brazillian artist Carlos Edgard Herrero.

The story opens with Scrooge explaining to his nephews why he still keeps his whiskers.  Back in his Yukon days, he was almost starving so he went into a saloon.   Everyone was afraid of him because in his parka he looked just like "Jonas the Terror."  Then the real Jonas arrived, but the police didn't know which one to arrest!  Scrooge pulled down his hood to show his whiskers, and everyone realized he wasn't Jonas after all.  Scrooge is called a hero and given a poke with a hundred thousand dollars' worth of nuggets in it, and a kiss from Linda Dora.

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