Minny Pearl Beauregard


Minny Pearl Beauregard only appeared in one story, "I.O.U...But Who?", published in Uncle $crooge #78 in 1968.  She is one of the people Scrooge contacts while trying to track down a mysterious old I.O.U. with an unclear signature.  In his photo album, Minny Pearl had written "I am forever in your debt".


It turns out that "debt" was not monetary, however.  It seems Scrooge once saved her from drowning in Mulberry Creek many years ago, and in gratitude she offered to become his wife!  He refused then, and also this time.  Minny Pearl was very understanding, mainly because there was a hillbilly named Hiram she really wanted to marry.

 Scrooge, Minny and Hiram

Minny Pearl is a Southern Belle of sorts.  Her father is shown, but no other family members.  Over the years their plantation became run-down, and Scrooge was obligated to pay for its refurbishing.

Of note is the character's name.  It is an obvious reference to Sarah Ophelia Colley Cannon, better known as "Minnie Pearl", who performed in the Grand Ole Opry for 50 years, and the television show Hee Haw for 20 years.  The real-life Minnie Pearl died in 1996.

The duck of this name is known as Rosie Goldilocks in Europe, I believe.

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