Nellie Labelle

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Nellie Labelle is probably the ugliest and most repulsive of all Scrooge's "women."  She appeared in France's Picsou Magazine #297 in a story coded D92393. 

Flintheart Glomgold publishes a best-settling autobiography and makes a lot of money.  Scrooge gets jealous and hires Gyro to invent a helmet that will read his mind while he sleeps and write his autobiography for him.  (Why he didn't just look up Don Rosa is beyond me!)   ;-)

The invention works too well, and in the morning Scrooge has a fit because it revealed too much!  Donald turns on an electric fan, which blows the pages out the window.  He manages to retrieve all but one of the pages.

Scrooge tells his nephews about a love affair he had during the gold rush (isn't that always how these stories start?  He was one BUSY sourdough! 0_o)  Anyway, he was apparently in love with a woman named Nellie Labelle (French for Pretty Nellie) and promised to marry her and give her half his money as soon as he became a billionaire.

A newspaper gets a hold of the missing page from the autobiography and publishes it!   Every woman in Duckburg claims to be Nellie, but then the real one shows up...and she's fat and really ugly!
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Later, while she's sleeping before the wedding, Scrooge puts Gyro's helmet on her head and so gains access to her memories, too.  It turns out that Flintheart Glomgold made the same promise to Nellie--marriage and half his fortune!

Scrooge goes to visit Flintheart, and Nellie recognizes him.  She says that whoever is the richest man in the world will be her groom.  So yet again Scrooge and Flintheart compare wealth, down to the last penny.  It is discovered that Scrooge has one dollar and thirty cents more than Flintheart Glomgold.  So, thinking quickly, Scrooge runs to the bookstore and buys a copy of Flintheart's biography, thus becoming the second richest man!  At the end, Nellie and her goons are seen running after Flinty.  We can only hope for his sake they never catch him! :-p

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