Rosy is from an old Italian story named "Paperino e la mezzanotte di fuoco"(I TL  616-C), written by Guido Martina and drawn (rather poorly) by Luciano Capitanio.

Scrooge dreams about his time in the Old West in a place called "Golden City."  He decides to return for a visit, and drags Donald along with him.  Scrooge wears his old mining clothes to help him reminisce about the past.
Fifty years ago, he sat with Rosy under a tree and promised to return and marry her someday, after he became rich.  As he is thinking about her, he hears singing coming from the saloon.  Inside he finds Rosy, and they greet each other happily. 

When Scrooge asks if she's been waiting here for him all these years, she hesitates, then says she's been out of the country.  He asks if she remembers their engagement, and she replies that her memory isn't as good as it used to be.  She observes his ragged old clothes and says he looks just as poor as he ever was.  Since he said he'd only marry her when he was rich, he lets her think he's still destitute.  Rosy tells him she only waited three days before marrying someone else.

A man named Joe arrives, who also once vowed to marry Rosy.  He and Scrooge find out that Rosy is actually very wealthy.  She offers a bunch of diamonds to the winner of a duel between Scrooge and Joe.  Donald has to go searching for rifles, and returns with empty guns.  Joe puts bullets in his weapon, however, and shoots Scrooge's hat. 

Scrooge flees, and Joe gets the diamonds, even though he's rich, too.
Scrooge gets mad at Donald and the whole situation, and sets fire to the town.  Soon after he hears on the radio that a movie company wants to buy Golden City to film a western.  Too late, however.  The town is already up in flames.

I believe her full name is Rosy Curenbois (literately meaning "Rosy heart-in-wood").

(It seems Scrooge has a thing for dance hall girls!  First Goldie, then Tilly, and now Rosy!  ;-)
But Rosy looks more rough-hewn than the others.  She even smokes a cigar!

More pictures of Rosy: Pic 1 - Pic 2


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