Tilly Billbrook  

 Tilly Billbrook has only appeared in one story, "The Flowers" (story code KJU062-1/D88001, and appearing in Uncle Scrooge #269 in the U.S.A.)

Tilly and Scrooge met in British Colombia during the Klondike Gold Rush.  Scrooge and a dogfaced man named Alexander Noyes competed for Tilly's affections.  Alexander sabotaged Scrooge's romantic gestures, and eventually drove the poor duck away in humiliation. 

Tilly realized the nasty things Alexander had done to Scrooge and sent him a letter to inform him that she would be arriving by train the next day.  Due to a mix-up with the time, however, they crossed paths and missed each other.  Thinking she had changed her mind about renewing their relationship, Scrooge threw the bouquet of mums in the trash and stomped off. 

When Tilly finally arrived at the train station in Duckburg, she found that Scrooge had already left.  Spotting the bouquet of flowers in the trash, she was inspired to open a floral business .  She went on to own a successful florists' shop.  Tilly and Scrooge met again in "modern" times (old age) and were friendly but nothing more.

Interestingly enough, Tilly's looks and original home make her quite similar to Glittering Goldie.  The two ducks are physically somewhat similar, especially when one looks at the style some European artists draw Goldie.  And both are from Canada during the Gold Rush.  It appears the artist was inspired by "Back to the Klondike".


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