Wanda Waddle

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Wanda Waddle only appeared in one frame of one story, "Everybody's Got a Whistle", story code WR-US 52, in Uncle $crooge #157 in 1978.

Scrooge is walking down the hallway in the money bin, when he hears the janitor whistling a tune called "Pop Goes the Corn".  He says, "It takes me back to the big romance of my youth!" and has a one-panel flashback (seen above) of canoeing with Wanda Waddle, singing that song.

He is so pleased with the janitor that he gives him a $1.00 raise.   A computer error causes this sum to skyrocket to $1 million, however, and Scrooge ends up chasing the janitor around Duckburg, trying to get it back.  In the end he ends up uncovering a multi-million dollar pirate treasure, so he forgets the error.

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