Goldie's Fashion Boutique

goldrose1-thumb.gif (6265 bytes) If this outfit looks familiar, it should. Kate "Rose" Winslet wore it while boarding the Titanic in James Cameron's blockbuster film.

goldhat-thumb.gif (5829 bytes)

Goldie in a fancy hat   - 1999 [?]

gfancy-thumb.gif (5243 bytes)

Goldie in an extremely fancy dress all dressed up for New Year's Eve 1900! 
(Based on a collector's Barbietm I saw in a magazine. :-)    - 1998

gmonroe-thumb.gif (4469 bytes)
Goldie in a dress Marilyn Monroe wore in "All About Eve." -1998
goldie55-thumb.gif (5631 bytes) Goldie thinking very hard about something - 1999 [?]
mountie-thumb.gif (4878 bytes)
Goldie dressed as a member of the Northwest Mounted Police  - 1997
goldie3b-thumb.gif (4784 bytes) Goldie all ready for a performance at the Blackjack Ballroom.  - 1997 goldpink-thumb.gif (6419 bytes) Goldie reclining on a fainting couch. This picture is based on an historical photograph of a Dawson dance hall girl. 
goldmae-thumb.gif (5396 bytes)
Goldie looking suspiciously like Mae West.
(Which makes sense because I based this dress on something she wore in the movie "Klondike Annie")  - 1998
goldie6-thumb.gif (4939 bytes)
Goldie in an orchid outfit (Also based on an historical picture from the Yukon.) 1998
goldie5-thumb.gif (5892 bytes) Goldie in an Oriental costume (Based closely on a real picture of a Dawson dance hallgirl.) - 1998 goldie8-thumb.gif (5948 bytes) Goldie relaxing in dress.  - 1998
winter-thumb.gif (4390 bytes) Goldie prepared for an outing in the snow. - 1998
Based on a design by Bob Mackie.
goldie11-thumb.gif (4373 bytes) Two views of Goldie in a very elaborate green dress.
(This picture is based on a dress in the film "Call of the Wild" with Charlton Heston.)    - 1998
goldie13-thumb.gif (3888 bytes) Goldie in an old-style travelling outfit. - 1998
(Also based on outfit in the aforementioned "The Call of the Wild" movie.)
goldie15-thumb.gif (4257 bytes)
Goldie in a fancy red dress - 1998
(Also taken from "The Call of the Wild".)  


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