Hearts of the Yukon

Goldie uses her feather boa to flirt with Scrooge -- Added 4 April 2004 Scrooge makes sure no one is watching before holding Goldie's hand -- Added 20 June 2003
gotcha-thumb.gif (6395 bytes) "Gotcha!"  -- Added 11 Feb 2001 campfire-thumb.gif (6739 bytes) Cuddling by the campfire -- 2000
holidays2000-thumb.gif (6164 bytes) Happy Holidays! $&G under the mistletoe -- Added 21 Dec 2000 mad2000-thumb.gif (5938 bytes) Scrooge and Goldie having a tiff over something -- Added 18 Dec 2000
macduckbeth-thumb.gif (6369 bytes) A parody of MacBeth.  Or is it MacDuck? -- Added 13 Nov 2000 blackjackkitchen-thumb.gif (6826 bytes) Alone in the kitchen at the Blackjack Ballroom, Scrooge regales Goldie with tales of his adventures -- Added 22 August 2000
freecoffee-thumb.gif (4052 bytes) Oh, the Temptation!-- Added 22 August 2000 givebackhat-thumb.gif (5659 bytes) This time Goldie's stolen something besides nuggets... -- Added 22 August 2000
snuggle2000-thumb.gif (6409 bytes) $&G nuzzling at White Agony -- Added 30 May 2000 stonehug-thumb.gif (6442 bytes) A variation of the previous nuzzling pic -- Added 30 May 2000
argument-thumb.gif (5945 bytes) S&G bickering: proof that I can draw them doing something other than nuzzling!  ;)  --  Added 30 May 2000 serenade-thumb.gif (3797 bytes) A clandestine didgeridoo serenade.   The background is a hodgepodge of Don Rosa's art.  -- Added 30 May 2000
kisscheek2000-thumb.gif (6059 bytes) $crooge kisses Goldie on the cheek -- Added 20 May 2000 (new computer coloring, old drawing) bigkiss-thumb.gif (6747 bytes) "In Your Dreams" -- Added 20 May 2000 (new computer coloring, old drawing)
holdhands2000-thumb.gif (6176 bytes) $&G clasping hands, struggling with destiny -- Added 20 May 2000 eyetoeye-thumb.gif (6255 bytes) Snuggling up, eye-to-eye -- Added 20 May 2000 but done many months before
hug2000-thumb.gif (6216 bytes) $crooge takes a break from shoveling to hug Goldie.  - Added 24 Apr 2000 kiss2000-thumb.gif (6128 bytes) $crooge kisses Goldie, who is wearing a fur-trimmed dressing gown. - Added 24 Apr 2000
comegetit-thumb.gif (5628 bytes) No comment.  ;-)   - 1998 impressed-thumb.gif (6082 bytes) There's just no pleasing some people
(There's a joke here about whether or not the size of your nugget counts, but I'm not touching it with a twenty-foot pole!) - 1998
 moneyswim-thumb.gif (6278 bytes) Synchronized Money Swimming! - 1998   tango-thumb.gif (5453 bytes) It is the Blackjack Ballroom, so...tango! - 1998
goldpan-thumb.gif (6162 bytes) A portait of $crooge and Goldie inspecting the gold they have panned from White Agony Creek. - 1998 weigh2-thumb.gif (5368 bytes) Weighing in the gold at the end of the day... Guess who dug more...  - 1998
goldzzz2-thumb.gif (3703 bytes) Goldie falls asleep at the table after a hard day of work at White Agony Creek - 1998 bumpheads-thumb.gif (5336 bytes) What happens when you're too cheap to buy an extra gold pan... - 1998
goldzzz-thumb.gif (6332 bytes) $crooge dozes in Goldie's lap - 1998
(Some manga fans may recognize this pose.  I did sorta base this on a picture from a certain Japanese series.)
bargain-thumb.gif (1481 bytes) "A Real Bargain"
This is one of my first real comic-format works.
month-thumb.gif (6870 bytes) Goldie makes a happy discovery while working $crooge's claim at White Agony Creek.   - 1998
(That's a nugget in the gold pan in the bottom right-hand corner.  The scanner cut off part of it.)  
coldfeet-thumb.gif (1348 bytes) Pretend for a moment that there is an alternate universe where $crooge and Goldie are married. (Yes, I'm aware that I'm obsessed! ;-)
Thus we explore one of the inconveniences of living with the world's richest duck.
- 1998
gondola-thumb.gif (1518 bytes) Scrooge serenading Goldie aboard a gondola.
(That isn't an ordinary lake, however...)
- 1998
titanic-thumb.gif (5281 bytes) My spoof of Titanic - 1998
heads-thumb.gif (3016 bytes) An uncolored doodle of $ and G - 1998


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