Ice Queen of Dawson

This is an original three-page comic story written and drawn by yours truly, Katie Sullivan.  It is set between the flashback sequences in "Back to the Klondike" by Carl Barks, and "Hearts of the Yukon" by Don Rosa.

Notice the appearance of Casey Coot, as seen in "Last Sled to Dawson", "King of the Klondike", and the aforementioned "Hearts of the Yukon", all by Don Rosa.  Also featured is Snake-Hips, one of the girls from the Blackjack Ballroom in "Hearts of the Yukon."
(Incidentally, the characters "Snake-Hips" and "Lulu" mentioned in that story are named for a real-life Dawson dance hall girl named "Snake-Hips Lulu"!)

The story is in black-and-white.  It began as a series of doodles in a notebook during a boring day at school, and eventually was re-drawn on good paper, expanded upon, and finally made into the quasi-finished form you see here.

The title of this comic comes from a self-appointed title mentioned by Goldie in "Hearts of the Yukon."


So, without further ado, "Ice Queen of Dawson"!

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