Misc Duck Art

scroogeladies-thumb.gif (6715 bytes) Scrooge with all his love interests! -- Added 8 Feb 2001
(See also the Many Loves of Scrooge McDuck)
smdon-thumb.gif (2350 bytes) Donald Duck finally finds someone who truly appreciates his sailor suit. (Crossover with a certain rather popular Anime show with a sailor motif. ;-) - 1998[?] ducktrek-thumb.gif (4031 bytes) Duck Trek! A little Star Trek / Duckburg crossover, with Donald and Daisy modeling ST: Next Generation and Original Series uniforms. - 1998
Let's just hope Donald doesn't feed those tribbles...!
tiddlywinks-thumb.gif (4299 bytes) Uh oh...Huey, Louie and Dewey are in big trouble!  - 1998 mcducks-thumb.gif (6490 bytes) $crooge as a newborn baby with his parents, Fergus and Downy - 1998
clowns-thumb.gif (5062 bytes) We all know about Don Rosa's "Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck". But few people know how Scrooge McDuck really got rich! ;-)    - 1998 stack-thumb.gif (5414 bytes) A minor disaster at the Money Bin one afternoon...  - 1997

 The Lost Nephews

Fans love to spot appearances of "Phooey" the fourth nephew, who sometimes is accidentally included in comics. I have taken the liberty of inventing a few other "lost nephews". For the complete list, visit my Phooey page.   These pics are old, old, sketches, but they're still amusing.

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