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Art by Miscellaneous Fans
I was talking about my pet theory that Dickie Duck and Webby Vanderquack (from DuckTales) were somehow secretly Scrooge and Goldie's granddaughters, and Gilles drew this lovely picture of them with Goldie and my character, Aurora, in the cabin at White Agony! I'm embarassed to say I lost the name of the fan who sent me this picture of the DuckTales version of Goldie, but it's still a cool pic.
!!!  I don't know the name of the artist for this pic, either, but it's a very funny, PG-13 rated pic from a European fan 'zine called Der Donaldist.  } -) Maciek, a fan from Poland, sent me this picture called "The First Victory of Scrooge McDuck."
jess-sg1.gif (5773 bytes)Scrooge is nervous and flustered by Goldie's presence.  By Engineer Jess.
Art by OchaGirl
A gorgeous Scrooge and Goldie picture done on an Oekaki board (a computer-drawing tool) A poster advertisement for the Blackjack Ballroom
Goldie in the early days of the Gold Rush, dreaming of a certain intriguing stranger who passed her saloon. Tiny digital sprite dolls of Scrooge, Goldie and lots of other characters from the comics!   So cute!
Goldie singing "After the Ball"
Art by Elena T.
elena-goldie2-thumb.gif (5390 bytes)Goldie elena-goldie-and-duckling-thumb.gif (6044 bytes)Goldie and her baby from Elena's fanfic
elena-goldie-beach-thumb.gif (6200 bytes)Goldie at the beach! elena-goldie-duckling2-thumb.gif (6279 bytes)A sad, young Goldie with her baby brother from Elena's fanfic
elena-sg2-thumb.gif (5272 bytes)Scrooge and Goldie being affectionate elena-sg1-thumb.gif (5203 bytes)Scrooge and Goldie embrace on a mountaintop
elena-sg-fantasy-thumb.gif (6049 bytes)Scrooge and Goldie in a fantasy game setting elena-sg-bed-thumb.gif (6368 bytes)Scrooge lets Goldie sleep in
elena-scrooge1-thumb.gif (4299 bytes)A lovesick Scrooge!   LOL! Looking down on Scrooge from above.
Four different Scrooge sketches Scrooge looking groggy and half-asleep
Art by Stephanie B.
Scrooge surprises Goldie with a kiss Goldie looking pleased and impressed
"Easy now, tough guy!" "Cold Flames and Fireflies"
Art by Laurie
Goldie up on the roof Goldie smoking while Scrooge offers her a nugget
Scrooge and Brigitta
Art by 'Taika' Tuuli Aarniala
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Scrooge and Goldie sharing a romantic moment Goldie looking glamorous
Magica DeSpell brewing up trouble


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