to Miss Quackfaster's office!

What? Did Mr. McDuck throw you out? Were you trying to sell him something?

No? Well, he's always grumpy around tax time. Don't take it personally.

I'm Emily Quackfaster, $crooge's secretary.  Would you like to see some of my art?  Some of it is quite old, now, but I think you'll still enjoy it.

Page title Page Contents
Hearts of the Yukon  Pictures featuring both $crooge and Glittering Goldie
Goldie's Fashion Boutique Glittering Goldie modeling interesting clothes
Glittering Goldie Gallery Goldie doing things other than modeling clothes
Miscellaneous Duck Art Other pictures, including ones from $crooge's childhood
Original Characters My own characters from the Disney duck comics universe
Guest Art Art by other fans
Ice Queen of Dawson An original 3-page comic
Webbed Bliss An original 15-page comic!

That's all the art I have so far. I have to wait until next payday until I can afford a new pencil. Mr. McDuck doesn't pay very well, you know. I suppose I had better get back to work now. Thanks for visiting.   Oh, and watch out for the alligators and the land mines on the way out!

Last Update: 24 April 2006:   Lots of new art in the Guest Gallery!

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