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Scrooge and family

The citizens of Duckburg welcome you! 
Please feel free to explore the city and the surrounding area.
You never know what might pop up...

The Tour

A few shortcuts:
Killmotor Hill
Duckburg Airport
County Lane leading out of town

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  • 24 April 2006:  I haven't forgotten this page and will update it as my muse allows.  For now, enjoy a batch of new art in the Guest Gallery!
  • 5 April 2005:  A bunch of new images have been added to the Papertta/Dickie page (a sub-page of the Goldie pages in the Many Loves of Scrooge section.)  I also uploaded clearer scans of some of the scenes in the Goldie summary.   There is one new piece of fanart in the Glittering Goldie Gallery.
  • 28 March 2005:  One new picture in the second page of the Marco Rota galleries of Goldie images, and one new bit of fanart in the Hearts of the Yukon gallery (well, it's new to this site, but it was done in April '04.)  There are also several new pieces in the Guest Gallery.
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