Katie's Goldfish Photos

All fish photography on this page is Katie Sullivan and should not be used without permission.

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Pictures from Jan-April 2007:

--- A view of Benny and Minnie's tank

--- Benny attempts to eat the fake plant

--- Giving up on the plant, Benny decides to check out the algae patch I leave on the back glass for their snacking pleasure.

--- Minnie hanging out

--- Bennie says "Whut?"

--- Looking down on Mellie.  As she's gotten older and more sensitive to water quality, I've found it easier to keep her tank gravel-less for easier cleaning, with blue paper taped to the outside bottom of the tank for looks.   And don't worry, she has plenty of little glass rocks to push around while bottom-feeding.  ;)

--- Mellie sitting in her latest favorite spot.   "What's that, I should be up and swimming around, doing cute things for the camera?  Eh, leave me alone, I'm old!"




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All images on this page with the exception of the water background and the "home" goldfish clipart are Katie Sullivan and are not to be used without permission.