I got Polly and Freddie on the same day.  Polly was the only fish in the display tank with any significant amounts of white coloring, so, once I determined she was healthy, she was automatically coming home with me!  I got lucky, though, because she's got a great personality.   She's friendly and likes to come over to dance and "talk" to me.   She's also got a ravenous appetite and is growing quickly.

Polly's Stats:
Age:  I don't know when she was born, but she's lived with me since November 28, 2008.

Species:   Carassius auratus (a.k.a. goldfish) of the Fantail variety

Size:   About 1.5 inches including tail

Gender:   Not sure, but I address her as female

Hobbies:  Nibbling algae off the airline tubing, searching for food inside plants, being more adorable than I can stand

Dislikes:   Sudden movements

Diet:   Wardley Spectra Max flakes, TetraFin Goldfish Crisps, Hikari Gold baby pellets, AquaDine

Habitat:   37-gallon tank next to my computer

Tankmates:   Freddie

Nicknames:  Polly Pocket (like the doll), Miss Polly

Namesakes:   None, really

Photo Album:   [Coming Soon]


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