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Jan 27 2002 - Feb 24, 2003

Tony came from the same pet store as Sammy and Jackie, on the same day as Mellie.  It was then I knew I had serious OGD (Obsessive Goldfish Disorder)!  I saw that little white face looking up at me from behind the glass, and I knew I had to have him!  Tony was always the runt.  Besides being small, he had a tripod tail (not welcome with breeders) and when I got him part of his anal fin was missing.  It healed up and he grew to be a very pretty fish.  For thirteen wonderful months he was a part of my life, and I'll never forget him.  He suddenly stopped eating, and two days later he passed away.  He will be missed.  :-(

TonyTony's Stats:
Age:  I don't know when he was born.  He lived with me from Sunday, January 27, 2002 to Monday, February 24, 2003.

Species:   Carassius auratus (a.k.a. goldfish) of the Fantail variety

Size:   About four inches.

Gender:   Unknown but I referred to him as male.

Hobbies:   Trying to act tough despite being the runt of the group.  He also, um, sometimes, er...likedtoeatpoop.  >_<

Dislikes:   Getting buffeted by the water stream coming down from the filter, being bullied by bigger fish, when the other fish are resting and he wanted to play

Diet:   TetraFin flakes and other assorted flakes and pellets.  He never liked the NutraFinMax brand flakes, though.  He usually zipped right to the feeding corner to get the first bite.

Habitat:   A 37-gallon tank near my computer.  He was previously in a 5 1/2 and a 10 gallon tank, but, grow!

Tankmates:   Mellie and Addy

Nicknames:  My grandma called Tony "Whitey" sometimes.

Namesakes:   I was thinking of unisex names, and I thought of Tony/Toni.  "Tony da Fish" sounded like a mobster, which cracked me up.  ("You're gonna sleep wit' da fishes! know what I mean...")   Then I started looking for a second name for the other fish coming home that day, and my mom suggested I name them after Antonio Banderas (*drool*) and Melanie Griffith.  I got to use Tony after all, and Mellie worked with it!

Photo Album:   Watch Tony grow and change

Tony's Memorial at a Pet Memory site

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