Floofy Duck

The "real" Floofy is a stuffed duck similar to these:

3real-floofies.jpg (8760 bytes)

Floofy got his name from the old sitcom "Perfect Strangers," in which Balki (whose English was shaky) referred to his plush toy lamb as a "little floofy sheep."  I always thought that was really cute.   When I got this stuffed duck, I started calling him "the floofy duck."   Eventually that became his name!  Since then I've amassed a rather large collection of Floofy-type plush ducks.  Most are made by Ganz, but the original Floofy is a different brand name, purchased at Toys 'R' Us.

When I was in seventh grade back in the early 1990s I worked on the school newspaper.  I mainly did writing and editing, but we needed a cartoon.  I got an idea for a character from one of my favorite plushies, and the Floofy comic was born.  Floofy appeared in the school paper for two years.  I have misplaced some of the originals, but most of them appear in this website.


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