Floofy and Star Trek

Floofy is a Trekkie!

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Andorran Floofy

bajoran.gif (8161 bytes)

Bajoran Floofy

borg.gif (6433 bytes)

Borg Floofy

cardassian.gif (7584 bytes)

Cardassian Floofy

geordi.gif (8287 bytes)

Geordi LaFloof

vulcan.gif (7899 bytes)


trill.gif (6995 bytes)

Trill Floofy

ferengi.gif (11069 bytes)

Ferengi Floofy

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klingon.gif (7966 bytes)

Klingon Floofy

shatner.gif (9678 bytes)

Floofy steals Shatner's toupee


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