Floofy Uncensored!!!

A funny thing about school newspapers...they don't take too kindly to images of ducks being set on fire, beheaded and such.   There were lots of Floofy comics that never made it into the school paper for this reason.   Now all the evil, demented images can come to light!  Mwahaha!!!

blownup.gif (25608 bytes)

Floofy gets blown up in science class.

guillotine.gif (17586 bytes)

Floofy getting guillotined!

mutant.gif (7734 bytes)

Mutant Floofy from Chernobyl

hanging.gif (11449 bytes)

Floofy is hanged!

starving.gif (5763 bytes)

Floofy starving to death

skeleton.gif (2755 bytes)

Floofy skeleton

fire.gif (13136 bytes)

Floofy spontaneously combusts!

lightning.gif (25286 bytes)

Floofy gets hit by lightning!

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