The Other Side

Rating:   PG
A Mummy fanfic by Katie Sullivan, May 16-17, 2001
Set just after the climactic events in The Mummy Returns
You know the drill...I own none of these characters...although I guess Osiris don't belong to anyone! ;-)  No profit being made, just a fanfic, yada yada yada.

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A body landed on the floor in front of Osiris' throne.  He looked up, not particularly alarmed.  People were always arriving in the underworld, after all.  Then he saw who it was.  "Not again!" he boomed in disgust.  He might have whined, but gods can only boom.  This makes it very awkward at cocktail parties.

Imhotep slowly opened his eyes and looked around.  The underworld gain.  Fine.  Nothing mattered anymore.  Not after what had just happened.  Still sprawled on the floor in front of his chosen god's thone, he put his hands over his eyes and let out a keening wail.  "Anck-su-Namun!"

Osiris sighed.  He had had some troublesome High Priests through the millenia, but this one took the cake.  "Now what?" he snapped in his usual booming voice.

"Anck-su-Namun!" Imhotep wept.  "How could you?  After everything I've done for you!  No, Anck-su-Namun!"

Osiris stood, his hands on his hips, and shook his head in divine disgust.  "For My sake, pull yourself together, man!"

But Imhotep was beyond speech, beyond caring, beyond fear.   He collapsed in a puddle of utter despair.   For the first time in his long life, he wished that there wasn't any afterlife.

Before Osiris could get an answer from the blubbering ex-priest, the glowing portal in the the ceiling opened up again, and two black-haired women fell through.  The god watched in alarm as, almost before hitting the ground, a catfight ensued.

"You bitch!" Anck-su-Namun snarled, launching herself at Meela.  "How dare you?"

"Hey, I was letting you share my body, remember?  I didn't have to listen to you!"  Meela scrambled backward on her bottom, crab-style, trying to get away from Anck-su-Namun's slashing fingernails.

"If we weren't dead, I'd kill you, you insubordinate little trollop!"

Imhotep just stared, no longer weeping but still not completely coherent.

Meela put a foot on Anck-su-Namun's abdomen and pushed her backward with a thump.  "Listen here, sarcophagus-breath!  You may have taken over my body, but I'm not about to let myself get killed!"

"Look around you, you idiot!  Where do you think we are?   We were both killed, and it was all your fault!  If you had just let me rescue Imhotep--"

"We'd still have died!"

"Not necessarily!  Nefertiri didn't!  And besides--"

"Hey,  listen--" Meela tried to interrupt.

"No, you listen!  Who are you to interfere with me and my beloved?  You had no right to stop me!"   Anck-su-Namun was about to attack Meela again, but Imhotep finally regained his voice and called her name.  She stopped in mid-kick and turned to see him, just now standing up on shaky legs.  "Imhotep!" she gasped, her dark eyes instantly flooding with tears.  She flew into his arms, and the force of their collision was enough to send him thumping back onto the floor.  Anck-su-Namun laughed and wept at the same time, smothering him with kisses.  "Oh my love, are you all right?"

"I--we--are dead...again," he stammered.

"Well, yes..." she agreed, unable to be very upset about such a minor detail.

"But didn' was...Meela?"

The other girl was looking utterly bewildered, her mouth moving without producing any words.

Anck-su-Namun shot her a venemous glare.  "She wouldn't let me rescue you."

"So you didn't forsake me!" he said through fresh tears, gently turning her head until she faced him again.

"No!  Never!" she said heatedly.  "I love you!"

Too overwhelmed for further conversation, Imhotep put his arms around her and squeezed her tight, willing her to remain there forever.

"Don't worry, my love," she whispered.  "It will all work somehow.  It has to."

He nodded fervently and stroked her hair.  He held her so closely that it seemed as if he wanted to absorb her into his own being and thus never risk losing her again.

Osiris turned to a wide-eyed and befuddled Meela.   "So...have you met my colleague Anubis?"




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