Through a Mummy's Eyes

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A Mummy fanfic by Katie Sullivan
Rated PG-13
You know the drill:  Roses are red, these characters aren't mine, please don't sue me, your copyright's fine

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~~  Chapter Three: Restoration  ~~

An extended nap did wonders, and by the time Imhotep awoke he felt much more like his old self.  (His very, very old self, considering how many thousands of years ago he had been born!)  It had been foolish, perhaps, to tax his powers so soon.   Still, it had been reassuring to know they were still functioning this time around.

He gently awoke she-who-was-still-not-exactly-Anck-su-Namun with a kiss.  She smiled serenely and wound her arms around his shoulders to return the kiss.

"Come, my beloved," he said softly.  "Bring the Book of the Dead, and I will restore your soul."

She nodded, looking both anxious and happy at the prospect.

Soon they both knelt on cushions at the edge of a holy pool.  Karnac's physical state was decayed, but, like Imhotep, its spiritual power was still great.  Tendrils of fog danced over the sacred waters as if sensing the monumental event about to take place.

Imhotep opened the great black book in front of him and turned to look at she-who-would-finally-be-Anck-su-Namun-again-very-soon.  She was frightened; he could see it deep in her enchanting eyes.  "It is time to remind you of who you were...and are," he said solemnly, his heart racing.   He put out his hand, palm down, and moved it in slow circles over the water.  "It is time for you to remember who we were, together...who we are, together...  For our love is an eternal love, our souls mated together as one forever..."

He sent out a command with his mind, and the misty waters glimmered and stilled, displaying an image of ancient Thebes: the time and place he would always think of as "home."

He suddenly had the eerie feeling of being watched, but he and very-soon-to-be-Anck-su-Namun were alone.  He pressed on, calling forth the visions of that fateful day thousands of years ago, when her first life had suddenly and tragically ended.  Together, the two--and whomever it was who was psychically eavesdropping--watched and remembered.

The throne room...Seti...Imhotep...Nefertiri...Anck-su-Namun...  The tridents flashing...  Elegant bodies whirling and clashing...  Back and forth...   Nefertiri sprawled on the floor, panting as Anck-su-Namun teased her throat with the point of a spear.  The Pharaoh's congratulations...  His daughter Nefertiri would guard the Bracelet of Anubis.  Anck-su-Namun would become the latest in the monarch's long line of wives.  Bitterness...heartbreak...longing...  Later that night, their secret meeting...  Golden-painted priests stood guard as they melted into each other in a kiss...  If only the moment could last forever...  A crash.   Shouting.  The Pharaoh.  Discovered!  Panic.  A sword.  A dagger.  Blood.  Screaming.  Footsteps?  The Med-Jai!  "Go, save yourself!"  The infuriated guards...  No time...  Defiance.   Gather courage...  The pain!  Blackness.

Imhotep set his jaw and pressed on.  The unseen eavesdropper had disappeared.   He was once again alone with his love.  But no...he glanced at her blank expression and limp posture.  She was in limbo, still reliving her previous death, trapped between phases of existence.  This was the critical point.  He frowned in concentration and resumed reading from the Book.

The surface of the pool shimmered and writhed, slowly ejecting a nebulous black...something.  The rippling sheet of darkness was drawn to the unconscious woman.  Gradually, liquidly, it merged with her, finally disappearing from sight.   She gasped for air, as if emerging from a long swim underwater.  Briefly dazed, she shook her head and looked around with new eyes.  Her confused gaze came to rest on her smooth-headed companion, and peace returned to her lovely face.

"Anck-su-Namun," he breathed, dizzy with elation.  Finally!  It was her!  Truly her!  At long last!

"Imhotep," she whispered, staring at him as if she would never look away again.

There was recognition in her tone and on her face that hadn't been there before.   Before she had been only partly Anck-su-Namun; her soul was incomplete, her memories patchy.

Now they were both complete again, in body and soul.

Impulsively, they threw their arms around each other and kissed: their first true kiss in several thousand years.  Time lost its meaning.  Their quest for power and vengeance seemed distant and insignificant.  There was only her in his world, and he in hers.

Guided by his caressing hands, she eased back onto the cushions and wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders.  She eagerly sought each kiss with the fervor of a starving beggar at a buffet table.  He was glad to comply, but then ran into a small problem.

Many modern men consider the removal of a brassiere to be an art form; an acquired skill.  For a man from a time period when such undergarments were unheard of and indeed many women didn't bother to cover that area of their anatomy much at all...well, it was simply hopeless.  With her assistance, however, their long overdue reunion proceeded without further difficulty...

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