Love on the Nile

The Historic Anck-su-Namun

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The back-panel of Tut's throne, showing Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamun enjoying some sun rays.

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Ankhesenamun (left) offers a jeweled collar to Tut.   One of many carvings inside Tut's tomb.

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Tutankhamun hunting birds with a bow and arrows.  Ankhesenamun hands him more arrows.   This is image is also from inside Tut's tomb.

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Tutankhamun receives flowers from Ankhesenamun.  This image is on the lid of a box found in Tut's tomb.


(These images were scanned from The Complete Tutankhamun, a 1995 book by Nicholas Reeves, and are used for education purposes only without claim to copyright.)

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