Mad Magazine's look at The
Mummy Returns
(click the samples for the full strips)
These strips are by the very talented Sergio Aragones and appeared in the August 2001 issue of Mad Magazine.  They appear here for the benefit of fans who are unable to get their hands on a copy of the magazine and are used with no claim to copyright.


The Scorpion King's bargain with Anubis takes a nasty turn.

Somehow I think the movie would have been much shorter if the opening scenes had gone this way!

A practical, if misguised, approach to scarab extermination.

Alex finds another use for the Bracelet of Anubis...

Soldier mummies take a break from chasing the O'Connells to enjoy the "view."

A sheared-off double-decker bus gives an unexpected inspiration.

Poor Meela.  Icky.

Apparently Izzy had the day off...

Horus brings an unusual but rather important message!

Surf's up, dude!   o_0

Oops!  What part of "It's a spear!" don't you get?

At last!  The real reason Anck-su-Namun ran away!  :-D  Hip hip hooray!