Love on the Nile

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(These are listed in plot order, not the order wrote them.)

Loved and Lost
Chapter 1 - 2 - 3 -4 - 5
The story of how Imhotep and Anck-su-Namun first fell in love, and the tragic consequences.  Rated PG-13.
In a Mummy's Voice The story of The Mummy (first movie) told from Imhotep's POV.  Rated PG.
A Case of Mistaken Idenitity A short humor piece in which Meela runs into a snag while seeking to resurrect Imhotep...    Humor.  Rated PG.
Meela's Story
Chapter 1 - 2 - 3 -4 - 5 -6 -7 - 8
What happened to Meela during the events of the first movie?  What happened to her between the movies?  Rated PG-13.
Through a Mummy's Eyes
Chapter 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 -5
The story of The Mummy Returns with added scenes, told from Imhotep's POV (and some from Anck-su-Namun's as well.)  Romance and Humor.   Rated PG-13.
To Begin Again 2000 A.D., Luxor, Egypt:  A young woman named Subira searches for the explanation behind her strange dreams and finds out that her past holds much more than she ever realized...   TMR spoilers.  Rated PG.  
Two Mummies and a Baby? A cute, fluffy little filler fic about the birth of Jendayi.  Rated PG.
Pawns of the Gods
Chapter 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
The ultimate fate of Imhotep, Anck-su-Namun and a few other characters...   Rated PG.
Art relating to my fics

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Mummy Top Ten Lists From the home office in Hamunaptra...  Rated G.
Mummy Scenes We'd Like to See Taking a bizarre, humorous slant on the Mummy movies.   Rated PG.
Mummy Boy A song parody to the tune of Danny Boy.  Rated G.
The Other Side A possible explanation for the events at the end of The Mummy Returns. Quasi-serious but completely contradicts all my later fics.  The second Mummy fic I wrote.  Rated PG.
How Many Candles? Imhoteps' 3000-something-th birthday gets a little bizarre.   The first Mummy fic I wrote.   Humor/Random weirdness.  Rated PG-13.
Reactions to revisiting the first and second movies in 2019I watched both movies for the first time in many years, and liveblogged my thoughts as I did so on my Tumblr

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