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Sim-Johnathan found the punch bowl right away...does this surprise anyone?  I didn't think so.  :-)

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Later, Sim-Evy has punch with a mummy!   Eeks! o_0

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Sim-Rick sits by the campfire with Sim-Imhotep and Sim-Anck's daughter and two slave mummies.  Uh...  o_0

sims-campfire1.jpg (13663 bytes)
Sim-Evy (old version), Sim-Ardeth and Sim-Imhotep sit around the campfire!!  I'm not sure what's weirder...the three of them acting all friendly like that, or Ardeth playing the guitar!!

sims-rickfire.jpg (24830 bytes)
Sim-Rick demonstrates his stellar cooking skills. :-\

sims-mummybaby.jpg (8198 bytes)
A slave mummy gives a bottle to Sim-Imhotep and Sim-Anck-su-Namun's daughter.  Any bets as to how screwed up this kid's going to be?

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Here's something you don't see every day...a mummy kicking a lawn flamingo!

sims-mummypee.jpg (9003 bytes)
Apparently even mummies sometimes wet their, bandages!   o_0



The Sims is Maxis/Electronic Arts.  The Mummy is Universal.