The Mummy & The Sims

sims-campfire2.jpg (7446 bytes)
Sim-Ardeth, Sim-Evy and Sim-Rick enjoy the campfire.

sims-campfire3.jpg (12873 bytes)
Sim-Imhotep and one of his mummy followers enjoy the campfire.  Although I don't think that other mummy would be sitting so close if he knew mummies were once burned to fuel trains! o_0

sims-tickedpharaoh.jpg (15621 bytes)
Sim-Imhotep gets into a fight with a Sim-Pharaoh...imagine that!

sims-readbook.jpg (9177 bytes)
Sim-Imhotep reads from the Sim-Book of the Dead

sims-backrub.jpg (5105 bytes)
Sim-Anck gives Sim-Imhotep a backrub

mummy-wedding.jpg (4209 bytes)
Sim-Anck and Sim-Imhotep tie the knot.

sims-love2.jpg (16537 bytes)
Sim-Anck and Sim-Imhotep make out in the bushes.  (This was back when she lived on another lot, with a Pharaoh Sim.  ;-)


If you are the creator of one of the skins or objects visible in these Sims screenshots, let me know so that I can give proper credit.
The Sims is Maxis/Electronic Arts.  The Mummy is Universal.  Both are used without any claim to copyright and for strictly non-profit reasons.