Don Karnage Fact Sheet


Full name:  Don Karnage.  "Don" is a title in Spanish and Italian, designating nobility.  His first name is unknown.

Original pre-production name:  Anthrax!  But the rock band held the copyright, so Disney changed it.  (And thank goodness they did!)

Voice Artist: Jim Cummings

Age:  Claims he's 29, but we all know better.  ;)

Home:  Pirate Island

Nationality:  No one really knows.  His voice artist, the great Jim Cummings, says he's "a little French, and little Cuban, and a little Ricky Ricardo."  Fan consensus places his ancestry in Italy, Spain and/or Latin America.

Species:  Another big mystery, only recently cleared up.  There is evidence for both fox and wolf.  Some fans (such as myself) have theories about his being a hybrid of the two.  Other fans have ideas about him being a coyote, a dingo or a dhole.  All the guesswork was finally brought to an end when Len Smith, the artist who originally designed the look of the character, explained that he was indeed intended to be a wolf.  That won't stop me from writing my hybrid-theory-based fanfics, but it's great to finally know the truth!

History: No one knows how Don Karnage became an Air Pirate, what his family is like, or how he got the Iron Vulture.  In other words, he is a true Man of Mystery!

Attire:  He's usually seen in his military-style blue-and-red uniform, but has also been seen in an Italian gondolier's outfit (Plunder and Lightning, part 2), a purple bathrobe (A Jolly Molly Christmas), a cruise ship captain's uniform (Jumping the Guns), and a suit (It's a Plunderful Life comic).  For pics and details, visit my Karnage Kostumes page.

Don Karnage fencingPlane:  In "A Bad Reflection on You" part 2, Kit says the Air Pirates fly CT-37's.  Playmates toys marketed his plane as the "Tri-wing Terror", although the term was never used in the show.

Pet Peeves:  Having his name mispronounced, being called crazy, Aunt Louise, his crew calling themselves "robbers" instead of pirates, being interrupted while writing in his diary, being woken up by singing pirates, nearly being impaled by falling stalagtites.

Names for Don Karnage in other languages:
German: Don Kanallie
Finnish: Rosvo-Rudolf
French: Don Carnage
Swedish: Don Karnage

Episodes with Don Karnage:

Statistics Scarlet made up for her fics, because she has too much time on her hands:

Full name: Felipe Esteban Gonzalo Andres Enrique Karnage

Nationality: Cabo Orgulloso (fictional island off Cuba)

Birthday:  July 7

Least favorite food:  mangoes

Father: Gonzalo
Mother: Lorita
Siblings: Ignacio (deceased) and Dolores
Spouse:  Scarlet Hindenfur
Children:  Carlotta, Juan and Victoria

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