As of August 2002 my free quiz service has gone out of business, so there will be no more new quizzes right now until I can find a new provider.  I was running out of ideas for them anyway, so don't hold your breath.  You can still see the results of previous surveys here, though.

Previous Quizzes

Quiz 1--What Species is Don Karnage?

Quiz 2--What Nationality is Don Karnage?

Quiz 3 -- Favorite character from Scarlet's Fanfics

Quiz 4 -- If you were marooned on a desert island...

Quiz 5 -- Favorite pirate other than DK

Quiz 6 -- Favorite TS character

Quiz 7 -- Suggestions for a future fanfic

Quiz 8 -- Favorite Karnageling

Quiz 9 -- Favorite DK episode

Quiz 10 -- How many of my fics have you read?

Quiz 11 -- How do you watch TaleSpin?

Quiz 12 -- Who should die in my fanfic?

Quiz 13 -- How long have you been a TaleSpin fan?

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