The Tale Spin Flying Aces & Air Show Card Game

The box for the Card Game

Karnage's Tri-Wing

This card game was made by Golden (the people who make Little Golden Books).  There's no date on it, but it is presumably from the early 1990's, when TaleSpin was still on the air. 

The instructions are recreated here, so if you want to print these cards onto good paper and play, you can. :-) 
Note: What the instructions call "Sea Duck Cards" are the ones with characters on them, and the "TaleSpin Cards" are the ones with the Sea Duck and another plane, one upside down.  Those labels refer to the logos on the backs of the cards.

The "Sea Duck Cards" (2 of each)

Baloo & Rebecca (2 different cards, scanned together)
Shere Khan
Mad Dog
Don Karnage - I saved the best for last.  (Notice that he seems to have forgotten a rather important piece of clothing!)  O_o

The "TaleSpin Cards" (4 of each)

The Sea Duck and Pirate Plane #1
The Sea Duck and Pirate Plane #2
The Sea Duck and Pirate Plane #3
(These three are scanned as one image)
The Sea Duck and the Iron Vulture
The Sea Duck and the Tri-Wing Terror
(These two are also scanned as one image)


ISBN 0-307-04891-8

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