Super Baloo Storybooks

dkattacktransgif.gif (16189 bytes)These were printed in France, but I got them from an eBay seller in Quebec, so I'm not sure where they're from.  They're in French, anyway.   There are two hardcover storybooks with beautiful glossy pages.  The two comic stories are "Flight of the Skyraker" and "Volcano of Gold", both of which were published in English, so I didn't scan them.  The Skyraker cover is new, though, and so are the great little illustrations on the insides of the covers.  Enjoy!

Karnage attacking the 3 bears while Shere Khan looks on...

...and having a nasty (but hilarious!) surprise!

A cropped version of the second pic above, showing just K&K.

Molly and Louie face off against Dumptruck, Gibber and Mad Dog

Kit getting scared by an anonymous pirate

The cover of the French "Volcano of Gold" storybook

The cover of the French "Flight of the Skyraker" storybook


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