TaleSpin in the 21st Century!

Imagine my surprise when, in August 2002, I went to the Disney Store and found a NEW piece of TaleSpin merchandise!!!  Since the early 1990s when the show went off the air (except reruns in syndication on Toon Disney, etc.) no new TaleSpin stuff had been released and fans despaired of ever finding a memento outside of eBay or an antique store.  Well, it isn't much, but here's proof that The Mouse hasn't completely forgotten what was perhaps its best and most underrated series ever!

Front      Back

In case you can't read it in the scan, the text on the back of the pin reads, "Tale Spin:  Come to Cape Suzette, a bustling, tropical town packed with intrigue and excitement.  That's where ace pilot Baloo and his feisty pal Kit Cloudkicker square off against Don Karnage, creating one adventure after another in this animated TV show.  It aired from 1990-1994."

The pin is part of the Disney "Twelve Months of Magic" series.   I didn't pay too much attention to the others, but I think I also saw pins for The Mighty Ducks, Gargoyles, and Bonkers (*shudder*).  I didn't see a Darkwing Duck or DuckTales one.



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