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Who is this crazy fan femme, and how did she get to be so obsessed with Don Karnage?

Both good questions!  Well, my name in what passes for real life for me is Katie Sullivan.  I'm a 2003 college graduate (English major) living in Wisconsin, USA.   Besides Disney comics and animation, my interests include aquariums, sci-fi and fantasy, post card collecting, literature, cryptozoology, and lots of other random stuff.  For more than you ever wanted to know about me, see my full bio here.  For Spinnish stuff, read on.

It might surprise you to learn that Don Karnage is not my favorite Disney character.  He's only second.  The #1 spot is occupied by a certain webbed fantasticatrillionaire named $crooge McDuck.  I was practically taught to read by Scrooge and Donald comics, and I've loved them for far longer than I have TaleSpin.  (Yes, I have a fansite for that realm, too.)

For what it's worth, however, there is a connection between Scrooge and Don Karnage.  One of the foremost duck comic artists/writers in the world today, Don Rosa, also wrote two episodes of TaleSpin: "It Came From Beneath the Sea Duck" and "I Only Have Ice For You," both of which feature Karnage.

dk-scrooge.gif (37821 bytes)
"How dare she like you more, you silly rich duck-type-person!"

I've been a TaleSpin and Don Karnage fan from the very beginning.  The first time "Plunder and Lightning" hit the airwaves, I was watching.  I was immediately drawn to the dashing, amusing and dangerous pirate.  He is the first major character to appear onscreen, you know.  Ratchet and Mad Dog are there for a split second before him, but he's the first to have any dialogue.  ;)   (I don't count the Khan pilot yelping "Mayday!")

At the time, I was a mere eleven years old.  I was thoroughly obsessed with TaleSpin, and Karnage in particular, for a little over a year.  Then, no new episodes were being shown, and with no other Spinners around, I slowly lost interest and moved on to other things.  I got home Internet access at Christmastime, 1996, but it took me awhile to stumble on the TS fan sites out there.  At the time, there weren't all that many.  I dabbled in the Darkwing Duck fandom for awhile, then lost interest.  I was increasingly drawn to the TaleSpin fandom, and I soon learned that *gasp!* there were other Karnage fangirls out there!  I wasn't a total freak!  Well, okay, maybe I was, but I was in good company! :)

History of Pirate Island
This page was originally titled "The Iron Vulture: My TaleSpin Art."  However, in case you haven't noticed, there are at least three other DK sites out there with "Iron Vulture" names.  So as the page grew to include more than just art, I changed the name to "Pirate Island."
In the beginning, there were less than six pictures here, and one super short little fanfic called "The Heir", about the birth of Juan.  That little ficlet was totally different from "Splitting Heirs."  None of that original content is here now.  The art was old and horrible, and the fic wasn't much to write home about, either.
The page was originally a one-page gallery stored at my ISP, ExecPC.  It outgrew that space, and, if I recall correctly, then migrated to Onestop, where my Darkwing Duck page was then.  Then it was on to Freeweb/Digiweb where the whole account was dedicated to Spinnish pursuits.  That server got unreliable, though, so it was moved to Crosswinds.  Then Crosswinds went down the tubes and kept randomly deleting files, as well as enforcing really annoying popup ads.  So I bit the bullet and got my own domain name, and paid for ad-free server space.  And that's where we are now!   This page has moved around more than a mob informant in the witness protection program! ;) 

muffyscarlet.gif (34320 bytes)How did the character Scarlet come to be?

Well, she's physically based on Muffy Vanderschmere.  See, back in 6th grade, when TaleSpin first came out, I wrote part of a horrible fanfic about Don Karnage and his twin sister, Phyllis o_0 wherein he was married to Muffy.  Don't ask me what I was on!  Anyway, when I revived my obsession in more recent times, I took the basic look of Muffy, made her much wenchier, played around with her fox markings a bit, and came up with the Scarlet vixen you see today.

Please note that Scarlet is not supposed to be a furry version of me!  She's just one of many fictional characters created for my fanfics.

What about Katarina?
The red-haired vixen sister of Scarlet is based heavily on my RL best friend, Kayleen.  Visit her page for more about her and her fabulous art.  Katarina the vixen is more dishonest than her human counterpart, but her fiery, sarcastic yet loyal personality is the same.

Kat and Scarlet
Kayleen (left) and me/Katie(right)
with Don Karnage memorabilia

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