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Don Karnage
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Don Karnage
& Scarlet
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Misc. Karnage Kids
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Fanfic Illustrations
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Misc Fanfic Art
Non-Karnage TS Characters
Non-Karnage TaleSpin Characters
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Art by Other Fans


And, just for fun...I occasionally label pics as "old".   Well, take a look at this one from when I was about 8 years old!  o_0  I think I've gotten a bit better, don't you? :) 
While I'm embarassing myself, here's an old drawing of Don Karnage I found among some school papers from 1992!  Why is he running his sword through his skull?  ;)

Want to know what colored pencils I use?  What layers of color go into each furry? Here's a guide to Prismacolors and Karnages!


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