Redwall Sprites

I'm not the world's best sprite/doll maker, but I had fun making some Redwallish ones.  Enjoy!


  1. Please do not adopt more than six of these sprites.  No, I won't hunt you down and thwap you if you put seven or eight on your page, but please use restraint.   It really wouldn't make sense to put ALL of them on your site--then it would just be a copy of this page!
  2. You MUST upload the images to your own server.   Absolutely NO direct linking!
  3. If you post then on your webpage, blog, journal, whatever, you must give credit to Snowfur and link to either this page or the Redwall Encyclopedia's main page.
  4. Please don't e-mail me asking when I'll make a sprite of such-and-such a character.  There are hundreds of characters in the Redwall universe, so it would be impossible for me to make them all.  o_0  I just do whatever images I feel inspired to make, when I'm inspired to make them.  Hopefully your favorite character will show up eventually.


Male Woodlanders

dandin-doll1.gif (1798 bytes)
Matthias the Warrior Martin the Warrior Tammo Dandin


Female Woodlanders

triss-doll1.gif (1656 bytes) dotti-doll1.gif (1794 bytes) bryony-doll1.gif (1815 bytes)
Jess Squirrel Mariel Rose of Noonvale Triss Dotti Bryony

Male Vermin

slagar-doll1.gif (2173 bytes)
Cluny the Scourge Veil Swartt Sixclaw Ferahgo the Assassin Klitch Slagar

Female Vermin

silvamord-doll1.gif (2154 bytes)
Romsca Tsarmina Silvamord

Snowfur's characters

Snowfur Arette