The Final Reunion

By Katie Sullivan (a.k.a. Snowfur)


     Something was different. Since I ceased living, I could sense many things. But this feeling puzzled me.  It was a warm sort of feeling. Not at all unpleasant...but strange. I concentrated my will and drifted upward through the ancient red stones, temporarily leaving my tomb behind.
     As I neared the outer wall of the main abbey building, I thought I heard a voice singing. A voice that would make angels weep. It was so familiar...
     I floated across the lawn toward the sound.
     The song led me to a secluded spot by the wall. A tiny green shoot poked tentatively from the damp earth. I concentrated downward and found a single seed:  that of a rose bush.
     Suddenly, she was before me. A fuzzy grey aura surrounded her. A gentle smile touched her features. "Martin," she said simply.
    "Rose," I breathed. "You're here. But how...?"
     "My grandneice brought this seed. I came along," she said, her eyes shining just the way I remembered them. "For you," she said.
     "Rose," I said again in joyful disbelief. "There's something I was never able to tell you."
     She stole the words even as they left my lips.
     "I love you."
     We melted into each other's arms.
     At last we were together.

     For eternity.


Story 1997 Katie Sullivan
Redwall characters Brian Jacques

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