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Welcome to my fan fiction page!  Here is a menu of my Redwall stories.  All stories belong to me and may not be used without my permission.  Most characters are Brian Jacques.

All these stories are suitable for the same audience as the Redwall books themselves.  A few of the Mossflower Talk episodes might border on PG but are still far tamer than most television sitcoms these days.

Pull up a chair, pour yourself a mug of October Ale or dandelion fizz, put your paws up and choose a story!

Story Title


Storm at Sea

Romsca deals with a young searat on his first sea voyage. 
(Set before Pearls of Lutra, except I call Romsca Captain, and she didn't technically have that title yet.  Oops!) 

Verdauga Arrives at Kotir

Mossflower country has some new residents... 

Birth of the Outcast

A long night for Swartt, and an even longer one for Bluefen... 

Swartt's Rotten, Awful, No Good, Very Bad Day!

I think the title says it all! 

Loss of a Flower

The sad fate of Klitch's mother 

The Final Reunion

Love does not stop beyond the gates of the Dark Forest... 
Is This a Talking Mouse I See Before Me? An essay written for my 12th grade English class comparing two great works of literature:  MacBeth and Redwall!

The Softbrush Saga

Mariel and Dandin and a mysterious fox healer must save the Abbot from a serious illness.

Mossflower Talk

Episode 1  ~  Villain call-in panel
Episode 2  ~  Dysfunctional Vermin Families
Episode 3   ~  Ublaz Demonstrates Hypnotism 
Episode 4  ~ Coping with the Bloodwrath
Episode 5  ~ Carriers of Martin's Sword
Episode 6  ~ Reformed Vermin

The Only Redwall-based Talk Show on the Net!

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