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ABBEY SCHOOL.  The lessons Dibbuns at Redwall attend to learn reading, writing, arithmetic and abbey history.  (TG, LH)

ABBOT BERNARD. (See Nightwake.)

ABBOT'S REPORT.  List of troublemakers at Redwall, used as a punishment for unruly Dibbuns.  (TS)

ABRAM VOLE.  Male vole.  Father of Colin Vole.  He and his family were held captive by Cluny during the Late Rose Summer Wars. (RW)

AGARNU.  Obese male Pure Ferret (albino).   King of Riftgard.  Son of Sarengo, father of Kurda and Bladd.  He was the only creature to return from Sarengo's ill-fated last voyage.  That expedition left him with a permanent fear of the sea and sailing, and took one of his legs.  He then used a false leg made of fishbone.  He drowned in the fjord outside Riftgard during Triss' revolt.  (TS)

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AGGAL.  Male stoat.  Captain in Bowfleg’s army, then in Swartt’s. He was killed in a boulder avalanche at Salamandastron started by Floke and Porty. (OR)

AGGRIL. Ancient, grey male hedgehog. Wears square spectacles and carries a walking stick. Very tempramental and protective. Lives in a hollow oak north of Noonvale near a cherry grove. Brews cordial. (MW)


AGNES, SISTER. Female mouse.  She helped Friar Hugo in the Redwall kitchens.  (MT)

AGRIC. Male weasel.  He and Spurge were wandering slavers in Southsward who kept Bowly captive until Mariel and Dandin rescued him.  (BM)

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AKKLA.  Ferret steersbeast on the Goreleech.   Killed when the ship crashed into Tall Rocks.  (LL)

ALDER, FRIAR. Thin, lanky male mouse.   Head cook of Redwall.  He eventually went into semi-retirement as assistant to Friar Cockleburr. (MR, MW)


ALF, BROTHER. (See Mordalfus.)

ALFIK.  Relatively large male pigmy shrew from the Cavemob tribe.  Son of Bodjev and Chich, brother of Dinat and three other sisters.   (TG)

ALFO THE ELDER.  Fat, old male shrew whose fur is grey with age.  He is the leader of a band of Guosssom shrews on the Great South Stream.  He prides himself on being more civilized than the average shrew.  He joined Log-a-Log in helping to defeat the horde of Ferahgo and free Salamandastron.   (SN)

ALGADOR SWIFTBACK.  Male hare.  Brother of Riffle.  9th Spring Runner.  Sometimes nicknamed "Algy".  (LP)

ALKANET, SISTER.  Thin, stern female mouse.  As the infirmary keeper of Redwall she was dreaded due to her tendency to administer physick for the slightest reason.  She had a no-nonsense attitude and was stubborn and pessimistic.  She became more relaxed after she retired from the infirmary to be Assistant Cellarkeeper to Drogg Spearback.  (TG)

ALLAG. Water rat Captain under Ziral's command. (MX)

AMBALLA, QUEEN. Plump female pygmy shrew. Wears golden pantaloons and a light blue cloak. Head of the tribe "Highbeast." Widowed when her husband was killed by a gannet. Mother of Dinjer. (MW)


AMBER, LADY.  Squirrelqueen in Mossflower.   She was an excellent archer.   She was close friends with Skipper, and together they were a great help to the Corum.  She lost an ear in a battle with Bane’s forces. (MF, LL)

AMBROSE SPIKE. Male hedgehog.   Cellarkeeper of Redwall.  He knows magic tricks and has an appetite to match a hare's.  He was injured by Cluny's army early in the Late Rose Summer Wars. (RW, MT, GF)

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ANTHONY, BROTHER.  Strong male mouse of Redwall.  He was trained by Matthias before the Late Rose Summer Wars. (RW)

ANTIGRA.  Female stoat.  Mate of Gruven, mother of Gruven Zann.  Member of the Juskarath clan since birth.  Killed Sawney Rath.   Killed by Ruggan Bor for challenging his authority.  (TG)

APODEMUS, ABBOT.  Male mouse, lifelong friend of Malbun, leader of Redwall.  (TS)

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ARFSHIP.  The half-ship that was left, wedged between the Tall Rocks, after the Goreleech was wrecked.   (LL)

ARGULOR. Very old, male golden eagle.   He was short-sighted and arthritic with age.  He retired to Mossflower from the western mountains.  He particularly hated Tsarmina, and killed and ate many Kotir soldiers.  He always longed to taste pine marten but was killed by Bane before he had the chance. (MF)

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ARROWTAIL.  A friend of Martin's in his youth in the far north.  (MF)

ARULA.  Female mole of Redwall.   Orphan.  Grandmother of Burrem.   She was best friends with Samkim and went questing with him to recover the Sword of Martin.  She wore a beret and tunic.  (SN)

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ARUNDO POLLSPIKE.   Young male hedgehog.   Son of Duddle and Tutty, younger brother of Clematis Roselea.  He and his family lived on a raft in the southern Broadstream.  He spoke with a lisp. (OR)

ARVEN.  Male squirrel of Redwall.  He was a close friend of Tansy, especially as a Dibbun.  His other best friends as a Dibbun were Diggum and Gurrbowl, whom he often led into mischief.   He later became the Abbey warrior, and served as Abbot for three seasons after Tansy passed away.  He died in the spring.  (PL, LP, MX)

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ARVICOLA.  Large male water vole.   Chieftan of a tribe of water voles in north-west Mossflower.  (TS)

ARYAH. Mouse of Noonvale. Wife of Urran Voh, mother of Rose and Brome, great-grandmother of Aubretia. Excellent cook. (MW)

ASCROD. Male Marlfox often paired with Vannan. Son of Silth, brother of Mokkan, Gelltor, Lantur, Vannan, Predak and Ziral. Killed in battle with Redwallers. (MX)


ASH, BROTHER. Redwall resident. (MR)

ASH, CAPTAIN. Shrew captain of the Periwinkle. (MR)

ASHLEG. Disfigured male pine marten.  He had a wooden leg.  He served under Verdauga and Tsarmina, and wore a long red cloak trimmed with woodpigeon feathers.  When he realized how mad and dangerous Tsarmina was becoming, he traded his red cloak for a plain brown one and deserted Kotir.  He headed south and was never heard from in Mossflower again. (MF)

ASHNIN. Cranky old female squirrel living on the big island in the Big Inland Lake.  She once had red fur, but turned almost completely grey with age.  She is a very accurate archer.  She was once a slave of wandering foxes until Loambudd rescued her.  When Loambudd and Urthwyte went from their island to Salamandastron, she accompanied them. (SN)

ASMODEUS POISONTEETH.  Giant male adder who lived in the old quarry north-east of Redwall Abbey.  He was also called "Giant Ice Eyes" by the Guosim.  For several years he had the sword of Martin the Warrior in his lair.  He was slain by Matthias the Warrior. (RW)

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ATHRAK. Leader of the fifty magpies serving Queen Silth.

AUBRETIA. Mousemaid of Noonvale. Brome's granddaughter. A healer. (MW)

AUMA. Female badger. Daughter of Orlando and Brockrose.  Her mother died when she was very small, so she was raised by her father in the western plains.  She was kidnapped and enslaved by Slagar and taken to Malkariss’ Kingdom.   After being rescued, she and Orlando lived at Redwall.  She later succeeded Constance as badger mother of Redwall. (MT, PL)

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AUTUMN OF THE HOMECOMERS. Season when Mara came to Redwall and Samkin and Arula returned. (SN)

AUTUMN OF THE LATE MARJORAM.  A season in which Tim Churchmouse was Recorder of Redwall Abbey.  (LP)

AUTUMN OF THE WARRIORS' RETURN.  Season in which Matthias and the others returned to Redwall Abbey after having rescued their young olds from Slagar.  (MT)

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