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BADRAG. Stoat slaver. Killed by longtails. (MT)

BADRANG THE TYRANT. Stoat corsair. Old acquaintance of Tramun Clogg. Wears a black cloak. Ruler of Marshank. Killed Rose. Wounded by Felldoh, killed by Martin the Warrior. (MW)

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BADTAIL. Thin fox in Bane’s mercenary band. Killed by an otter javelin. (MF)

BADTOOTH.  Large, fat stoat.   Captain in Ferahgo’s army. (SN)

BAGEYE. Male stoat.  Slaver in Slagar’s band.  He and Halftail were the only stoats in Slagar's band.  He was killed near Loamhedge by Wartclaw and Snakespur. (MT)

BAGG. Mischievous Dibbun otter of Redwall. Twin brother of Runn. (MR, MW)

BALEFUR.  Large male fox.   His favorite weapon was a double-headed battleaxe.  He was originally was from the far north, with an accent to match.  He was an ally of Shang, and although he joined Swartt's horde after her defeat, he never felt loyalty to the ferret.  After he challenged Swartt’s authority, Nightshade lured him to the quarry, where he was killed by adders. (OR)

BALLAW DeQUINCEWOLD. Male hare performer. Co-founder of the Rambling Rosehip Players. Fur and Freedom Fighter. (MW)

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BALTUR. Male searat Corsair of Sampetra.  He had been a Corsair for as long as he could remember.  He was appointed captain by Rasconza, demoted the next day by Ublaz, and later re-promoted by Rasconza.  (PL)

BANE. Male fox.  He carried a curved sword.   He was the leader of a mercenary band of about sixty vermin  from the north.   He fought both with and against Verdauga in their younger days.  He was briefly an ally of Tsarmina.  He simultaneously killed and was killed by Argulor. (MF)

BANDLE. Male Guosim shrew who traveled to Southsward with Joseph's expedition. (BM)

BANDRIL.  Male weasel in Swartt’s horde. (OR)

BANKROSE. Female otter.  Daughter of the Skipper of otters. Childhood friend of Firjak. Together they brought together the squirrels and otters of north-west Mossflower when they were kidnapped by searats. (OR)

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BANKSNOUT. Male shrew.  He was an oar slave on the Bloodwake, rescued by Martin and his friends.  He then returned to Log-a-Log Big Club’s village, where he had children waiting for him. (MF)

BANKVOLE, MR.  Male vole.  A friend of the Redwallers who suffers from a bad back.  He is presumably the husband of Lettie and father of Rollo, meaning he died sometime between the Late Rose Summer Wars and the arrival of Slagar at Redwall.  (RW)

BARFLE. Salamandastron hare. (SN)

BARGLE. Male Guosim shrew. Was the leader of the Guosim after the Log-a-Log as murdered by Fenno, but he himself was killed in battle with the Marlfoxes. (MX)

BARGUD.  Otter.  Husband of Garraway's sister, father of Folgrim and Tungro, brother of Warthorn (Skipper) and Riverwyte (The Mask).  (LL)

BARGUT.  Weasel.  Captain in Ungatt Trunn's Horde.  (BT)

BARK CREW, THE.  A group of otters and hares who sabotaged Ungatt Trunn's foraging parties around Salamandastron.  Members wear masks. (BT)

BARKJON. Old male squirrel. Father of Felldoh. Slave from Marshank. (MW)

BARKLAD. Male squirrel under Amber’s command. (MF)

BARKSTRIPE.  Male badger.  Husband of Bella, son-in-law of Boar, father of Sunflash.  He met and married Bella in his homeland in the far south-east of Mossflower, then moved with her to Brockhall.  Boar soon left for Salamandastron, and Barkstripe ruled in his stead.  He was more of a farmer than a warrior, however, and he was killed in the first battle against Verdauga. (MF, OR)

BARLEYBURR.  Hedgehog in the Rabble tribe.   (BT)

BARLOM, BROTHER.  Male mouse.  Grandson of Timballisto.  He was the Recorder of Redwall and the self-appointed gatekeeper.  (OR)

BAROOL.  One-eared otter captain in Garraway's holt.  (LL)

BARRANCA.  Male stoat.  Brother of Conva. Captain of the Freebooter.   He wore bright red silks, a headband and a black, garnet-studded belt.  He carried a sabre.  He was popular on Sampetra and led a rebellion against Ublaz.   He was killed by Rasconza. (PL)


BART THISTLEDOWN.  Small, wiry male hare of the Westshore Thistledowns.  An archer in the Salamandastron Long Patrol.  Nicknamed Barty.  (SN)

BARTY.  Young male hedgehog.  Older brother of Dorcas.  He doesn't remember his mother.   He was a member of Trag, and after the fall of Bladegirt he went went to live at Redwall.  (MR)

BASIL STAG HARE.  Very tall male hare.   He had odd, patchworked fur of ashen color with blotches of grey and a light-brown-flecked white underbelly.  He idolized stags and took his middle name from them.  Like most hares, he was known for his huge appetite.  He was a camouflage expert and a former member of the Fur and Foot Fighting Patrol, as well as the 47th Hare Border Rangers.  His expressive ears moved to illustrate his points as he talked.  He spoke with what Matthias described as "a slightly affected quaver."  He lived as a bachelor in Mossflower but was a close friend of Matthias and a valuable ally of Redwall during the Late Rose Summer Wars.  He later accompanied Matthias and the others on the quest to rescue the young ones from Slagar.   He eventually became the adoptive father of Cheek.  (RW, MT, GF)

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BATEYE.  Male ferret soldier in Ferahgo's army.   He was fairly old and has bad teeth.  (SN)

BAT MOUNTPIT.  Bat kingdom inside one of the western mountains near the large waterfall. The tribe of bats live in caverns filled with tunnels, streams and waterfalls.  The only exit is through the top opening, which was at one time blocked by an owl’s nest.  Martin and his friends drove off the owl, and a door was built over the opening with wreckage from the Waterwing.   The bats who live there farm on cave ledges and fish the subterranean lakes.   (MF, OR)

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BATTLEHAWK. Sparra warrior. (RW)

BEAUCLAIR FETHRINGSOL COSFORTINGHAM (BEAU).  Hare who started on a trading ship, then was captured by Vilu Daskar and spent two seasons as an oar slave.  When he was too weak to push the oar, he was thrown overboard and was cast up on an island south-west of Luke's cave, where he protecting himself by posing as a monster named Werragoola Purpleface.  He later joined Luke in his quest, and survived to old age on the Arfship.  (LL)

BEAVER, THE. Solitary beaver in Redwall.  The only known member of his species ever to appear in the Mossflower world.  (RW)

BEDDLE.  Male squirrel in Jukka's tribe.  (BT)

"BEE FOLK OF REDWALL."  A tome in Methuselah's gatehouse library.  (RW)

BEECH. Male squirrel in Amber's tribe who witnessed Gonff’s capture by Kotir soldiers. (MF)

BEECHTIPP. Female hedgehog. Wife of Sollertree, mother of Nettlebud. Killed by vermin. (MX)

BEELU. Male water rat killed by Mokkan. (MX)

BELLA OF BROCKHALL. Brown-eyed female badger.  Daughter of Boar, granddaughter of Brocktree, mother of Sunflash, widow of Barkstripe.  Her mother died when she was young.  In her youth she traveled far and wide, and stayed at Loamhedge for awhile, where she befriended Abbess Germaine.  She later met and married Barkstripe in the far south-east and then returned to Brockhall.  She was the leader of the Corim and was the first badger mother of Redwall.  She was reunited with Sunflash in old age, when she was stiff, frail, wore glasses because of failing sight and had silver fur.  When she passed away several seasons later she was regarded as the oldest badger known.  (MF, OR, LL)

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BELLMAKER, THE. By Brian Jacques. 1995. Mariel and Dandin fight to free the kingdom of Southsward from Urgan Nagru and Silvamord.

BELLOWS, FRIAR.  Very fat male mouse.  Head cook of Redwall.  Had Dryditch Fever. (SN)


BEN STICKLE.  Male hedgehog.  Husband of Goody, father of Posy, Spike, Ferdy and Coggs.  Adoptive father of Gonff.  He smoked a pipe. (MF)

BENJY. Young male squirrel.  Resident of Southsward. Both of his parents were killed by Urgan Nagru's horde.  While fleeing from the kingdom he was marooned on the Island of Wrecked Ships, where he adopted Wincey and Figgs as his sisters.  After he was rescued by Finbarr and the crew of the Pearl Queen, he returned to Southsward.  King Gael and Queen Serena adopted him after the kingdom was liberated from Urgan Nagru. (BM)

BENTBRUSH.  Male fox.  Friend of Whegg.   He was a mercenary under Bane's command and later a Kotir soldier.  He was killed by squirrel arrows. (MF)

BERNARD, ABBOT.  Male mouse.  Friend of Simeon.  He passed away sometime in the first four seasons after Mariel and Dandin left Redwall to go adventuring. (MR)

BERRUSSCA.  Female adder.  Mother of Zassaliss, Harssacss and Sesstra.  Lived in the ruins of Brockhall.  She killed King Sarengo, but he fatally wounded her in the process.  (TS)

BESCARUM LEPUSWOLD WHIPPSCUT (SCARUM).   Male hare from Salamandastron.  Son of Colonel Whippscut and Dunfreda, nephew of Burdilo.  Scarum was especially gluttonous, even for a hare, and his out-of-control hunger fits often caused trouble for him and his friends.  He left Salamandastron to go questing with Sagax and Kroova.  (TS)

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BESOMTAIL. (See Fortunata.)

BIG CLUB, LOG-A-LOG.  (See Log-a-Log Big Club.)

BIG INLAND LAKE. Large body of water in the South-east, east of the South Path. There is a sizeable island far out in the lake. (SN)

BIG OXEYE. (See Oxeye.)

BIGFANG. Large searat in Greypatch's crew on the Darkqueen. Challenged Greypatch's authority. Killed by Greypatch. (MR)

BIKKLE.  Female squirrel Dibbun of Redwall.   She and her friend Ruggum accidentally rediscovered Brockhall, and later shared bellringing duties.  (TS)

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BILGESNOUT.  Male searat.  Lookout on the Gutprow. Killed by Sunflash. (OR)

BILGETAIL. Tall, somber male weasel.  Captain of Sampetra.  Killed for rebelling against Ublaz. (PL)

BILL.  Young male mole of Redwall.  (RW)

BILLUM. Mole resident of Redwall. (MT)

BILLUM.  Male mole. Foremole’s deputy. (MF)

BINDLE.  Guosim shrew in Furmo's tribe.  (LL)

BIRCH. Large male squirrel under Amber’s command. (MF)

BIRREL.  Mousemaid of Redwall.  (TG)

BIRTY.  Male hedgehog.  Husband of Roobee, brother-in-law of Mammee.  (TS)

BISTORT.  Very large male hedgehog.   Husband of Downyrose, father of Urtica, father-in-law of Welfo.  Patriarch of Peace Island and the first to be born on the island.  He wore a rustic, brown farmer's smock and used archaic speech.  The quills around his face were going grey.   (TS)

BITTY LINGL.  Young female hedgehog.   Daughter of Tirry and Dearie, sister of Gurmil, Tirg and Giller.  She and her family lived in a cave in north-west Mossflower.  (OR)

BLACKMOLE TUNNEL GREASE.  Lubricating agent used by Redwall moles for moving boulders out of tunnels.  (MT)

BLACKROBES. Rats who serve Malkariss. They carry short spears with broad, leaf-shaped blades. (MT)

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BLACKSAIL. Searat ship. Captained by Hookfin. Renamed the Hon Rosie and Captained by Tarquin on the voyage back to Mossflower. (MR)

BLACKSTONE. Sacred stone of the Guosim/Guosssom. Only the one holding this stone has permission to speak. Lost by Nordo in the Big Inland Lake when he was scared by Urthwyte. Later recovered by Mara and the Guosssom. Possession of the stone is the Log-a-Log's privilege. (RW, SN)

BLACKTOOTH.  Male ferret soldier in Kotir. Killed by Splitnose. (MF)

BLADD, PRINCE.   Male "Pure Ferret" (albino).  Grandson of Sarengo, son of Agarnu, older brother of Kurda.   He was taller than Kurda and overweight.  He was rather child-like and simple-minded.  Plugg's crew of Freebooters became fond of him, as he admired and wished to emulate them.  He was killed at the front gate of Redwall Abbey when the defenders dropped a large, iron cooking pot on his head.  He was buried in the ditch outside the Abbey.  (TS)

BLADEGIRT, FORT.  Fortress on Terramort Island.  Whomever could hold the fortress was considered the king of the searats.  It was burned and gutted by the Trag after Gabool's defeat. (MR)

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BLADENOSE.  Rat in Urgan Nagru's army.  (BM)

BLADERIBB. Male searat from the Waveworm.   He was taken prisoner by Martin II, Grath and the Guosim and forced to lead them to Sampetra.  He was crushed to death by an iceberg on the journey. (PL)

BLADETAIL. Male rat.  Captain in Urgan Nagru’s army.  He carried a spear and a bone whistle.  He was killed by Dandin in the final battle to free Southsward. (BM)

BLADETAIL. Male steersrat of the Waveworm. Killed by Grath. (PL)

BLAGGTAIL.  Male searat on Terramort . (MR)

BLAGGUT.  Male searat.  Wears a tattered jerkin.  He was illiterate and slow-witted but had a much kinder nature than most rats.  He served under Captain Slipp as boatswain of the Pearl Queen.   After Finbarr stole back the ship they were stranded near the mouth of the River Moss.  They eventually traveled to Redwall, where Blaggut was immediately befriended by the mousebabe and Furrtil.  Blaggut came to enjoy the honest Abbey life, and discovered a natural talent for carpentry and boatbuilding.  He killed Slipp to avenge Mellus and renounced the way of the searat.  He went to live in a shack by the sea near the mouth of the River Moss, often coming back to visit his friends at Redwall. (BM)

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BLATT. Otter Dibbun. Twin of Scrimmo.  The twins lived at Redwall with their mother.  (OR)

BLEAR.  Searat in Plugg's crew aboard the Seascab.  (TS)

BLEEKNOSE.  Quick-thinking male weasel in Swartt’s horde. (OR)

BLEKKER.  Female otter in Skipper's crew.  Sister of Swash.  (TG)

BLENCH.  Sister of Daphne Dillworthy, aunt of Dotti.  Female hare.  Head cook at Salamandastron.  (BT)

BLERUN DOWNRIVER.  Big male otter.  Leader of a holt of at least fifty otters in Southsward. (BM)

BLINNY. Male molebabe of Redwall. (MX)

BLITCH.  Fox in the same band as Ringworm and Splidge.  They harass travellers on the North Path, and tried to attack Thrugg and Dumble on their journey to the mountains.  (SN)

BLODGE.  Male searat with a gruff, hard voice.  Slavedriver on the Seatalon. Killed by Dandin aboard the Seatalon in Terramort Cove. (MR)

BLOGGWOOD.  Young male hare.  He was appointed head cook of Salamandastron by Sunflash.  (OR)

BLOODFEATHER.  Male sparrow.  He was King of the Sparra before Bull, when Dunwing was young.  He stole Martin's sword from Redwall's weathervane.  (RW)

BLOODKEEL.  Searat vessel of Sampetra.   It was captained by Slashback, whose bosun, Rasconza, became Captain after his death.  The ship was sabotaged and sunk by Ublaz. (PL)

BLOODSNOUT.  Female corsair on Sampetra.   She was killed by Trident-rats for rebelling against Ublaz. (PL)

BLOODWAKE.  Large, black searat vessel with a fish skull figurehead, double oarbanks and twin square-rigged sails.   It was captained by Ripfang.  After Boar's Battle it was taken over by woodlanders and renamed Wuddshipp.  It was later purposely sunk in the River Moss to create a dam to flood Kotir. (See also Wuddshipp.) (MF)


BLOODWRATH. Killing rage that comes upon badger warriors.

BLOSSOM.  Redwall mousemaid.  Sister of Turzel.  Had Dryditch Fever.  (SN)

BLOSSUM BUNN.  Female mole of Mossflower.   Friend of Daphne Dillworthy.  Taught Dotti molespeak.  Distant relative of Rogg and Gurth Longladle. (BT)

BLOWFLY.  Male weasel Corsair with blackened teeth.  He was Barranca's mate on the Freebooter.  (PL)

BLUDDBEAK.  Male red kite from the mountains north of Mossflower.  Very old and nearly blind.  He was good friends with Ovus.  He was killed by adders near Brockhall.  (TS)

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BLUDDNOSE. Searat in Clogg's crew. Killed in the final battle at Marshank. (MW)

BLUDRIGG. Male searat. Captain of the Greenfang. Brother of Saltar. Beheaded by Gabool. (MR)

BLUEBANE. Small, furtive-looking male rat in Urgan Nagru’s army.   He wore a tattered tunic.  He doubled as a spy for both Silvamord and Nagru.  He was killed by Rab Streambattle.  (BM)

BLUEFEN.  Female ferret.  Daughter of Bowfleg, wife of Swartt Sixclaw and mother of Veil Sixclaw.  She was pretty but quiet and was never a strong creature.  She was a good hostess.  During an exceptionally hard winter she died giving birth to Veil.   (OR)

BLUEHIDE. Ferret in Badrang's horde. Once lived in the extreme north. Killed in the final battle at Marshank. (MW)

BLUESTRIPE THE WILD.  Ancient badger lord of Salamandastron, mummified and entombed in the Mountain's secret chamber.  Ruled sometime before Lord Stonepaw.  (MF, BT)

BLUGGACH.  Male stoat.  Rapmark in the Rapscallion army.  Killed by Gurgan Spearback at the battle at the Ridge of a Thousand.  (LP)

BLUNN DUBBO.  Old male mole.  Husband of Ummer, uncle of Bruff, great-uncle of Nilly and Podd.  He and his family lived in a cave in north-west Mossflower.  (OR)

BOAR’S BATTLE. Battle at Salamandastron in which Boar the Fighter and Ripfang died. (MF)

BOAR THE FIGHTER.  Male badger with a beard and silver fur.  Father of Bella, father-in-law of Barkstripe, son of Brocktree, grandfather of Sunflash.  He forged Martin a new sword at Salamandastron and was an excellent swordfighter himself.  He was killed in battle with Ripfang’s searats. (BT, MF, OR)

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BOBB, FRIAR.  Stout male squirrel serving as head cook of Redwall.  (TG)

BOBBO. Fat old male dormouse.  He wore a faded velveteen longcoat and square eyeglasses and walked with a walking stick.  He could not remember his parents or a time before he was an oarslave under Gabool.  He was thrown overboard when he was too weak to row anymore, and washed ashore on the coast of north-west Mossflower.  Then he lived in a cave near the ocean with his pet newt Firl.  (MR)

BOBWEAVE.  Hare.  Twin brother of Southpaw, grandson of Stiffener Medick.  Lived in Buck Bigbones' encampment for several years.   (BT)

BODJEV.  Tiny, fat pigmy shrew.  Husband of Chich, father of Alfik, Dinat, and three other daughters.  Cavemob chieftain.   (TG)

BOGGS. Ferret. Lookout on the Seascarab, then in Badrang's horde. Excellent vision. Killed in the final battle at Marshank. (MW)

BOLDRED. Short-eared brown owl. Wife of Horty, mother of Emalet. Mapmaker and historian. (MW)


BOLWAG.  Friendly sea lion in the ocean west of Luke's caves.  (LL)

BONEBEAK.  Female crow.  Wife of Krakulat.   Killed by Shang Damsontounge’s foxes. (OR)

BOORAB THE FOOL. (Full name Bellscut Oglecrop Obrathon Ragglewaithe Audube Baggscut.)  Male hare.  Grandson of Pieface Baggscut of Salamandastron.  He wore a harlequin jester's costume and played the haredee gurdee.   He was a traveling musician, comedian and entertainer before coming to Redwall, where, after a long probationary period, he was named Master of Abbey Music.  He later handed over this title to Nimbalo and became the abbey's Assistant Cook instead--rarely is a hare trusted so close to the abbey's food supply!  (TG)

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BOOTBRAIN.  Weasel steersbeast of the Greenhawk.   Killed by Luke's tribe.  (LL)

BORUMM.  Male weasel.  Rapscour in the Rapscallion army.  Ally of Byral and Vendance.  Fled after unsuccessfully trying to overthrow Damug, but was caught and executed.  (LP)

BORRAKUL IRONCHEST. Male otter. Brother of Elachim Oakpaw. Member of the Sensational Wandering Noonvale Companions Troupe.  (MX)

BOTARUS.  Large male bittern (bird).  He saved Madd's life after vermin killed her family, and remained her friend ever after.  (TG)

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BOWFLEG THE WARLORD.  Fat, old male ferret with a strange accent.  Father of Bluefen, grandfather of Veil. His insignia was a white fang in a green circle.  He was lazy and content to let his horde camp near the north-east mountains.  Swartt left his horde, but later came back and poisoned him.   (OR)

BOWLEY.  Male shrew.  He was the cook in Log-a-Log's Guosssom tribe. (SN)

BOWLY PINTIPS. Young male hedgehog of Southsward.  He had good aim for throwing things.  He did not recall his parents, and was kept prisoner by the weasel slavers Agric and Spurge.  After Mariel and Dandin rescued him, he dreamed of becoming a warrior just like them.  He achieved his goal by helping to lead the attack to liberate Castle Floret.   After the war, he sailed off with Mariel and Dandin in the Pearl Queen to find adventure over the western horizon. (BM)

BRACKEN WOODSORREL.  Male hare.  Great-uncle of Meldrum, ancestor of Tarquin.  Head of the Westshore Woodsorrel family.  Meldrum claims he was "Bracken the Brave," but Tarquin says his many fibs earned him the title "Old Bracken the Blowhard."  (BM)

BRADBERRY (BRADDERS). Young male hare of Salamandastron. Loved Fordpetal. (OR)

BRAGGLIN. Male rat.  Captain in Urgan Nagru's horde.  Killed by Meldrum. (BM)

BRAGTAIL, BIG.  Male rat.  Soldier of Urgan Nagru. Killed by Muta. (BM)

BRAL HOGMORTON.  Male hedgehog.   Cellarkeeper of Redwall.  (OR)

BRAMWIL.  The oldest hare in Salamandastron, he is frail and forgetful.  Father of Windcoat.  (BT)

BRANGO.  Male ferret in a vermin band in northern Mossflower.  Killed by a weasel in an argument.  (LL)

BREEZE.  Female hare of Salamandastron.   Daughter of Lupin and Buffheart, sister of Starbuck.  She died of old age after completing the mission of welcoming Sunflash to Salamandastron. (MF, OR)

BREMMUN.  Strict old male squirrel of Redwall Abbey. Died of Dryditch Fever. (SN)

BRIGHTBACK. Male magpie in Ironbeak’s army. Brother of Quickbill and Diptail.  Either he or one of his brothers was killed in the final clash at Redwall, but it's not specified which.   (MT)

BRIMM. Thin, elderly goodwife otter. Very old, with silver-white fur. Very good cook. Wears a poke bonnet and a puff-sleeved gown. Lives in a house of stone, baked clay and mud bricks with a garden. Friend of Sollertree.  (MX)

BRINKLE.  Young hedgehog of Redwall.  Had Dryditch Fever.  (SN)

BROCKHALL.  Legendary hall built beneath a large oak tree in Mossflower Woods.  In the days before Redwall was built, it was a stronghold for badgers and the center for woodlanders who resisted vermin oppression.   After Redwall's construction it fell into disrepair and was abandoned.  It later became a nest for adders.  There are two entrances, one at the main door and another hidden in the woods behind.  (MF, TS)

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BROCKROSE.  Female badger.  Wife of Orlando and mother of Auma.  She died three winters before Slagar kidnapped Auma. (MT)

BROCKTREE.  Son of Stonepaw, father of Boar, grandfather of Bella, great-grandfather of Sunflash.  Badger Lord of Salamandastron and founder of the Long Patrol.  His weapon of choice was a broadsword.  His father left to rule Salamandastron when Brocktree was young, just as Brocktree was called to the Mountain as Ungatt Trunn attacked.  He later shared leadership over Salamandastron with Boar for several years before his death.  He was entombed in a secret chamber in Salamandastron.  (BT; Mentioned in MF, OR, SN)

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brocktree.jpg (3580 bytes) 

BROGALAW.  "Brog" is a male sea otter, the skipper of a holt on the coast near Salamandastron.  Son of Frutch. (BT)

brogalaw.jpg (21885 bytes)


BROGG. Male weasel soldier in Kotir.  He replaced Cludd as Captain of the Guard.  He was brave and loyal to Tsarmina.  He was killed by a ballista boulder in the final battle of Kotir. [Note:  The character was introduced as a ferret but after that was always referred to as a weasel.] (MF)

BROGGLE.  Male squirrel of Redwall.  Husband of Fwirl, father of Rosabel.  He worked as a kitchen assistant, then succeeded Bobb as the abbey's Head Cook.  He is skilled with a needle and thread as well as a kitchen knife.  He had a bad stutter until Boorab taught him to sing, and was soon cured.   (TG)

BROME. Mouse from Noonvale. Son of Urran Voh and Aryah, younger brother of Rose, grandfather of Aubretia. Loud voice. Briefly a slave in Marshank. Pretended to be a searat named Bucktail to infiltrate Marshank. Became a healer. (MW)

BROOL. Old male fox. Travelling companion of Renn.   He carried a sling.  He was killed by Veil after he and Renn tied him to a tree and stole his food. (OR)

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BROWNSPIKE O'QUILL.  Ancestor of Gabriel and Durry Quill.  Cellarhog of Redwall. (MR)

BROWNTOOTH.  Male stoat.  Slaver in Slagar’s band. He was killed by longtails. (MT)

BRUFF DUBBO.  Male mole.  Nephew of Blunn and Ummer, husband of Lully, father of Nilly and Podd.  He and his family lived in a cave in north-west Mossflower.  He was an archer in his youth.  (OR)

BRUGG. Young male squirrel of Redwall. (OR)

BRUGGIT. Young mole in Southsward. (BM)

BRULL, FOREMOLE.  Female mole.  Leader of the moles at Redwall.  (TG)

foremole-brull.jpg (6736 bytes)

BRUND I.  Female dormouse.  Wife of Hoffy II, mother of Brund II and Hoffy III.  She and her husband died during a harsh winter.   (OR)

BRUND II. Female Dibbun dormouse.  Daughter of Hoffy II and Brund I, sister of Hoffy, granddaugther of Ole Hoffy.  She was named after her mother, who died along with her father during a harsh winter.  She and her brother and grandfather wandered the western plains for a time, then were invited to live at Redwall. (OR)

BRUSH. Large male squirrel under Amber’s command. (MF)

BRUSHTIP.  Squirrel of Redwall.  (OR)

BRYONY, ABBESS.  Redwall mousemaid.   Great-granddaughter of Gonff and Columbine, adoptive mother of Veil.  She wore a crooked mob cap and a white apron.  She adopted Veil when he was a babe and raised him as her own.  She was stubbornly loyal to and protective of the young ferret, despite the doubts of her peers and Veil's frequent misdeeds.  Her kindness was eventually repaid, as Veil gave his life to save hers.  She later succeeded Meriam as Abbess of Redwall. (OR)

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BUBBLIN' BOBBS.  Special soup made by otters in Garraway's holt.  (LL)

BUCKLA.  Male searat Captain on Sampetra.   Promoted by Rasconza. (PL)

BUCKLER. Young male mole in the Rambling Rosehip Players. (MW)

BUCKO BIGBONES, KING.  Large male mountain hare.   "The Wild March Hare of the North."  He was driven from his home by Trunn's Horde and set up an encampment in Mossflower where he ruled as "King."  His many talents include scoffing, wrestling and bragging.  He wears a broad belt decorated with colored stones, medallions, and a gold circlet with laurel leaves for a crown. (BT)

BUCKTAIL. (See Brome.)

BUFFHEART.  Huge male hare of Salamandastron. Husband of Lupin, father of Breeze and Starbuck. (MF)

BUGPAW. Weasel tracker in Badrang's horde. Sucked under in a swamp. (MW)

BULA. Female otter under Skipper’s command. (MF)

BULFIE.  Ferret.  Early follower of Swartt. A skilled warrior and valued member of Swartt's horde.  Killed by Sunflash. (OR)

BULGORN. Fat male stoat.  Slavedriver on the Gutprow.   He wore a broad leather belt and had blackened and broken teeth.  He was killed by Sunflash. (OR)

BULGUM. Person of high status in Southsward marshtoad society, like a chief or magician. (BM)

BULL SPARRA, KING.  Male sparrow.   King of the Sparra tribe living in the roofspaces of Redwall. Brother of Dunwing, uncle of Warbeak.  Has no wife or children.  He was vain and mentally unstable with a dangerous temper.  He died falling off the Abbey while trying to get Martin's swordbelt and scabbard back from Matthias. (RW)


BULLFANG. Searat on Terramort. (MR)

BULLFLAY.  Fat, cruel male weasel.  The chief slave driver on the Goreleech.  Uses a sharkskin whip on the oarslaves.   He had his ear bit off by Ranguvar, and perished when the ship was wrecked on the Tall Rocks.  (LL)

BULTIP. Strong male hedgehog. Traveling comapanion of Aubretia. From Noonvale. Descendant of Pallum. (MW)

BUNFOLD, FRIAR. Fat male mouse.  Head cook of Redwall.  He liked to nap in the orchards.  Some called him by the nickname "Bunny."  He and Veil hated each other, and Veil meant to poison him instead of Myrtle.  (OR)

BUNGO. Infant mole in Noonvale. Nephew of Grumm. (MW)

BUNGO. Mischievous Dibbun mole. Has a younger sister. (GF)


BUNGWORTHY.  Male hare of Salamandastron.   Killed in an early battle with the Horde of Ungatt Trunn. (BT)

BUNTO.  Male mole of Redwall.  (LP)

BURBLE. Jolly, young male water vole of the Riverhead tribe. One of the "Four Chieftains" who journeyed to Marlfox Island. Later became leader of the Riverheads. (MX)


BURDILL STRAIGHTFURRER. Dibbun male mole in Southsward.  Grandson of Furpp.  Brother of Grumbee and Porgoo. (BM)

BURDILO.  Male Long Patrol hare of Salamandastron.  Uncle of Bescarum.  (TS)

BURDLE.  Young mole, nephew of Drunn Tunneller.   (LL)

BURFAL THE SILENT ONE.  Alias used by Tammo when he infiltrated the Rapscallions.  Mute.  Lifelong friend of Miggo.  (LP)

BURGO. Fat mole of Redwall. Loves eating garlic. (MR)

BURGOGG.  Male stoat.  He carried a spear handed down from his grandfather until Skipper broke it.  He was part of a vermin gang with Wicky and Kligger.  Skipper and Log-a-Log banished them from Mossflower.  (TS)

BURKLE.  Dibbun mole in the Longladle family group in Mossflower.  (BT)

BURNBY.  Female squirrel of the Coneslinger tribe.  Daughter of Whurp.  (TS)

BURNET MIRDROP. Male rabbit. Twin of Buttercup, son of Fescue and Mildwort. Lives north of Noonvale. (MW)

BURREM. Mole. Grandson of Arula. To whom Salamandastron was told. (SN)

BURRL.  Small, skinny male shrew in Groo's tribe.  He was a good singer with a "voice like a foghorn."   (TS)

BURRLEY.  Small male mole who worked in the Redwall cellars.  Uncle of Droony.  Died of Dryditch Fever. (SN)

BURRBOB. Fat, young male hare of Salamandastron.   He and his occasionally bad manners were in the audience when Rillbrook told the story of the Outcast of Redwall. (OR)

BURROM.  Female hedgehog from Southsward.   She was seriously injured by a falling mast on the Island of Wrecked Ships after being marooned there.  She took care of Wincey, Benjy and Figgs, but she was never quite right in the head after her injury.  She died about a month before the Pearl Queen arrived at the island. (BM)

BURRWEN. Hedgehog goodwife. Slave in Marshank. (MW)

BUSCOL, MOTHER.  Small, fat female squirrel.  Redwall friar.   Mentioned as a childhood memory by Butty in Marlfox.  (LP)

BUSKIT.  Male rat.  An archer in Swartt’s horde.  He was killed inside Bat Mountpit by Sunflash.  (OR)

BUTTERCUP MIRDROP. Rabbit. Twin of Burnet. Child of Fescue and Mildrop. Lives north of Noonvale. (MW)

BUTTY.  Young male squirrel.  Kitchen worker.  Succeeded Buscol as Friar of Redwall, and was later the Abbey Recorder.  In old age, his footpaw was sensitive to weather changes.  (LP, MX)

BUXTON. Fat Redwall mole. (MR)

BYLE.  Male stoat Captain in Ungatt Trunn's Horde.   Trunn let him be killed by squirrels as a diversion during the final battle at Salamandastron.  (BT)
BYRAL FLEETCLAW.  Greatrat.  Son of Gormad Tunn, brother of Damug Warfang.  Killed in a duel with Damug.  (LP)


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