Build Your Own Redwall Abbey
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Greetings, friend!  I am Abbess Germaine, co-founder and designer of Redwall Abbey.  Martin and Snowfur asked me to host this page and tell you about the new Build Your Own Redwall Abbey kit!

When Martin and I oversaw the building of the real Redwall Abbey, we had to drag huge amounts of red sandstone from the quarry over by Gingervere's farm.  Luckily, all you have to do is go to a bookstore and buy this kit!  It's a lot of fun, and you don't have to worry about getting crushed by a giant block of stone!

Build Your Own Redwall Abbey comes in a large hardback folder with two yellow pockets inside.  Open the plastic bag of pre-cut paper peices and follow the instructions to put it together.  You don't even need glue, tape or scissors.

The pieces look like this:


Also included are 16 characters from the books you can punch out and use to populate your abbey...

 cluny-byo.jpg (4748 bytes)
Cluny the Scourge

jess-byo.jpg (3852 bytes)
Jess Squirrel

 snow-byo.jpg (4518 bytes)
Captain Snow

matthias-byo.jpg (5231 bytes)
I guess this is supposed to be Matthias, but it looks like Martin to me.  But then, they do look alike, don't they?

 methuselah-byo.jpg (8639 bytes)
Methuselah (This is actually a scan from the cover, but the paper figure looks the same.)

basil-byo2.jpg (17002 bytes)
Basil Stag Hare (Also a cover scan)

 constance-byo.jpg (5136 bytes)

cornflower-byo.jpg (4892 bytes)

 ambrose-byo.jpg (4690 bytes)
Ambrose Spike

chickenhound-byo.jpg (4376 bytes)sela-byo.jpg (3963 bytes)

I suppose these are Chickenhound and Sela, but they could be any foxes, really.

mortimer-byo2.jpg (8639 bytes)
Abbot Mortimer

julian-byo.jpg (4219 bytes)
Squire Julian Gingervere

 log-a-log-byo.jpg (3629 bytes)
A Guosim shrew, possibly Log-a-Log

foremole-byo.jpg (3581 bytes)

warbeak-byo.jpg (5593 bytes)
A Sparra, probably Warbeak

A special bonus included with the kit is a book called The Redwall Warrior's Code.  It's a special short story set before Redwall, wherein Matthias, Cornflower, Methuselah, Mortimer, and all their friends have a riddle to solve.  They need to find the clues to solve the puzzle of the Warrior's Code.  They search all over the Abbey grounds, finding the secret inscriptions.  Just what is the Warrior's Code?  Well, my friend, you'll just have to follow Matthias and his friends on their quest to find out!
To see the cover of The Redwall Warrior's Tale, follow this link.

Build Your Own Redwall Abbey is illustrated by Tony Lodge and Bob Venables. Look for it in bookstores everywhere, on both sides of the Atlantic!

Abbess Germaine

Note from Snowfur:  I have the Build Your Own Redwall Abbey kit, but I haven't put it together yet.  Frankly, I don't have room for it in my bedroom once it's all assembled!  My bookshelves are stuffed full already!  So I'll probably let it remain in its much more managable flat form!  :-)