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CADRO.  Guosim shrew killed by Plugg and Kurda's vermin.  (TS)

CAMP TUSSOCK.  Settlement to the north-east of Mossflower.  Home to moles, squirrels, hedgehogs, wood mice and hares, including the family of Tammo De Fformelo Tussock.  (LP)

CAMP WILLOW.  The headquarters of otters in Mossflower, Camp Willow is located in a series of sandy caves underneath a large willow tree along the River Moss. (MF)

CAMPATHIA FORTHRIGHT.  Female hedgehog from the southern branch of the Forthright family.  Wife of Merradink, mother of Pecunia.   She is prissy, snooty and domineering.  (TG)

CARDO.  Male mouse from Luke's tribe who accompanied him on his voyages, although he was seasick at first.  The ship's cook. Father of Fripple. Killed when the Goreleech rammed the Sayna.   (LL)

CASTLE FLORET.  The seat of government for the kingdom of Southsward and home to King Gael and Queen Serena.  The castle is situated on a tall hill, and is surrounded by a moat on three sides and the edge of a cliff on the other side.  It was temporarily conquered by Urgan Nagru and Silvamord. (BM)

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CASTLE MARL. Palace of the Marlfoxes on the island in the middle of the Great Inland Lake. Has no stairs, only ramps.


CATKIN. Hare of the Salamandastron Long Patrol. (SN)

CATKIN.  Dibbun ottermaid in Redwall, friend of Mayberry.  (LL)

CATSEYES.  Male searat.  Captain of the Seatalon. He briefly carried the Sword of Martin after stealing it from Dandin.  He was killed by Joseph the Bellmaker aboard the Seatalon in Terramort Cove. (MR)

CAVEMOB.  Tribe of pigmy shrews in northern Mossflower.  (TG)

CAVERN HOLE. Gathering area at Redwall Abbey. Many feasts occur here.

CAYVEAR, LORD.  Very large male bat.  As the ruler of Bat Mountpit, his title is "High Chief of the dark places." (MF)

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CEDRIC, ABBOT. Redwall leader prior to Mortimer.

CELANDINE. Young female squirrel. Hopeless flurter. Vain. Member of the Rambling Rosehip Players. (MW)

CETERULER THE JUST.  Also called Ceteruler the Wise.  An ancient badger lord of Salamandastron, mummified and entombed within the Mountain's secret chamber.  Ruled sometime before Lord Stonepaw.  (MF, OR, BT)

CHEEK. Young, fat male otter.  He giggles often and is, appropriately enough, cheeky.  He was an orphan living in Mossflower when he crossed paths with Matthias, Basil and Jess.  He joined them on their quest to track down Slagar.  He was afraid of rivers until he actually swam in one.  He later came to live at Redwall, and three seasons before the Summer of the Rosebay Willowherb he was adopted by Basil Stag Hare.  Then he took the name "Cheek Stag Otter." (MT)

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CHEESETHIEF.  Male rat.  Captain in Cluny the Scourge's army.  He was prone to jealousy, leading him to kill his rival, Scragg.   He was afraid of heights.  He briefly served as Cluny's second-in-command before he was killed by Constance and the beaver. (RW)

CHEEVA.  Young female hare of Salamandastron.  Later became Garrison Captain.  (LP)

CHIBB.  Male robin. Spy for the Corim with an affinity for candied chestnuts. He clears his throat often. (MF)

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CHICH.  Female pigmy shrew in the Cavemob tribe.   Wife of Bodjev, mother of Alfik and four daughters, including Dinat.  (TG)


CHING.  Crew member of the Goreleech, killed when the ship was wrecked on the Tall Rocks.  (LL)

CHINWART. Male rat.  He was a mercenary under Bane's command and later a Kotir soldier. (MF)

CHUGGER.  Orphaned, Dibbun male squirrel.  He was rescued from the Flitchaye by Trimp, Martin, Gonff and Dinny, and accompanied them on their quest to Luke's cave and back to Redwall.  (LL)

CHURCHMOUSE, MR. AND MRS JOHN. Lived at St. Ninian's Church, then Redwall. They had twins, Tim and Tess. John became abbey recorder. (See also John Churchmouse.) (RW, MT)

CHURK.  Strong, young female otter.   Sister of Rumbol, niece of Skipper.  Succeeded Malbun as Recorder of Redwall Abbey.  (TS)

CICELY, SISTER.  Female mouse.  Infirmary worker at Redwall Abbey.  She was often stern and humorless, and was infamous for forcing her patients to take nettle broth as a cure-all. (PL)

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CLARENCE AND CLARISSA. Two young rabbit siblings who like to scare travelers by pretending to be creatures named Fangslayer and Deatheye.   They live with their mother in a burrow in Mossflower woods.  (SN)

CLARY, COLONEL. (Family name is Meadowclary.)   Male hare in the Salamandastron Long Patrol. He was older than his patrol partners, Thyme and Hon Rosie.  He was killed by Greypatch's searats in a valiant stand that allowed the oarslaves to escape. (MR)

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CLATT.  Small male searat on the Seatalon.   Blodge's assistant.  Killed by vengeful oarslaves. (MR)

"CLECKY" (CLECKSTARR LEPUS MONTISLE).  Male mountain hare of the far northern Montisles.  His fur was white in winter and brown in summer, and he wore a white tunic.  Eating shellfish gave him a rash.  He was a good friend and traveling companion of Gerul.  He was the first hare at Redwall since Basil.  He accompanied Martin the Second and Grath on their voyage to Sampetra, where he lost an ear in battle.  He wore a replacement ear of red velvet.  (PL)

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CLEMATIS ROSELEA POLLSPIKE.  Young female hedgehog.   Daughter of Duddle and Tutty, older sister of Arundo.  She and her family lived on a raft in the southern Broadstream. (OR)

CLEMENCE, SISTER.  Older female mouse. Resident of Redwall Abbey. She could be sarcastic and condescending sometimes.  (RW)

CLOGG. (See Tramun Josiah Cuttlefish Clogg.)

CLUBB, "GRANFER."  Old male mole of Mossflower living in the Longladle family group.  Presumably the husband of "Granma" Dumbrel.  (BT)

CLUBFACE.  Burly male weasel, crew member of the Goreleech.  Killed by Luke.  (LL)

CLUBRUSH.  Male hare.  Drill Sergeant in the Long Patrol. (LP)

CLUDD. Male weasel. Captain of the Guard of Kotir. Killed by Skipper. (MF)

CLUNY THE SCOURGE.  Male black rat.  He was larger than any of the other rats in his horde.  He once lost an eye in a battle with a pike, and is described as still having "the left" with an eyepatch over the other.  His remaining eye is green and yellow.  His distinguishing feature was his unusually long, strong tail, which he used a whip.  In battle he wore a poisoned spike on the tip.  He wore a batwing cloak fastened at the throat with a mole skull, and a war helmet topped with blackbird feathers and stag beetle horns.  Cluny was very strong and agile, able to leap and jump large distances and run very quickly.  He was known for being observant, ambitious, calculating and cunning, with an excellent memory and a knack for military strategy.  His weaknesses included recurring nightmares and lapses of sanity when his temper got out of control. Described as both a bilge rat and a searat, he was originally from somewhere warm across the seas, but began making a name for himself as a warlord in the far north of Mossflower.   He moved gradually southward, causing havoc and destruction along the way.   His horde of rats numbered five hundred by the time he reached Redwall.  He and his horde waged a war against Redwall Abbey in the Summer of the Late Rose. During the war, he fell from a tall tree and was severely wounded. Sela the Vixen healed him, and the war continued. He was able to gain entry to Redwall, but Matthias faced him in combat just when his victory seemed assured.  Although the rat was larger and stronger, Matthias killed him by dropping the Joseph Bell on him. (RW)

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COCKLEBURR. Small male hedgehog of Redwall.  He was Friar Alder's assistant in the abbey's kitchens, and later became friar himself when Alder retired.  He passed away sometime in the first four seasons after Mariel and Dandin left Redwall to go adventuring.  (MR, MW)

COGGS STICKLE. Young male hedgehog. Son of Ben and Goody. Brother of Ferdy, Posy and Spike. He idolized Martin and Gonff.  He and Ferdy were once captured by Tsarmina and imprisoned in the Kotir dungeons, but they were soon rescued by the Corim. (MF)

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COLDCLAW. Rat Captain in Urgan Nagru’s army. (BM)

COLIN VOLE.  Young male vole prone to whining and rude comments. He and his parents, Abram and Mrs. Vole, were held hostage by Cluny's army but rescued by Matthias and Basil. (RW)

COLL.  Mouse crew member on the Sayna.  Killed when the Goreleech rammed the ship.

COLTVINE.  Young male hare of Southsward.   Nephew of Meldrum. Brother of Runtwold, Thurdale and Foghill. (BM)

COLUMBINE.  Female fieldmouse.  Wife of Gonff, mother of Gonff II/Gonflet, great-grandmother of Bryony.  Close friend and ward of Abbess Germaine.  She was originally from Loamhedge, came north to Mossflower with the others, and settled in the old St. Ninian's Church with Gonff. (MF, LL)

COLUMBINE AGNES.  This is the name Basil Stag Hare's mother would have given him if he had been born a girl.  (RW)

COMALLYEH. Water vole celebration held after a good trading session.   (MX)

CONESLINGERS.  Tribe of squirrels in far western Mossflower who defend their territory by slinging sharp pinecones and setting booby traps.  Their chieftan is Whurp.  (TS)

CONSTANCE. Female badger guardian of Redwall.   She is no longer young but is feared by vermin for her strength, determination and vengeful nature.  (RW, MT, GF)

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CONVA.  Male stoat.  Brother of Barranca.   Corsair Captain of the Waveworm. Killed by Ublaz. (PL)

COPSEY. Female fieldmouse. Oar slave on the Seatalon. (MR)

CORAL WATER SNAKE. Very poisonous. Type of animal that killed Ublaz. (PL)

CORDLE.  Mouse crew member of the Sayna, killed when the ship was rammed by the Goreleech.  (LL)

CORIM. Council of Resistance in Mossflower. Headquarters at Brockhall. A group of woodlanders opposing Tsarmina’s rule. (MF)

CORNFLOWER FIELDMOUSE. Female mouse. Wife of Matthias, mother of Mattimeo, grandmother of Martin II.  She is a skilled cook, a quick thinker and a good hostess.  She often wears headbands.(RW, MT, GF)

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CORNSPURREY De FFORMELO TUSSOCK.  Male hare.  Husband of Mem Divina, father of Lynum, Saithe and Tammo.  Retired Colonel of the 51st Paw and Fur Platoon of the Long Patrol.  One eye is permanently closed, the other has a monocle.  Stuffy, formal and strict.  Ran away as a leveret to join the Long Patrol and was disowned by his father.  (LP)

CORPSEMAKERS. Nickname for Ferahgo’s army. (SN)

COUNCIL LODGE. Dining hall in Noonvale. (MW)

CRABCLAW. Searat vessel. Captained by Skullgor, then by Grimtooth.  Before and after being taken over searats it was named the Periwinkle.  After the fall of Terramort, Joseph captained her on the voyage to Mossflower, bringing the Joseph Bell to Redwall.  (See also Periwinkle.)  (MR)

CRABEYES.  Shifty-eyed male rat.  Captain in Ferahgo’s army.  Also a former searat.  (SN)

CRABLEG. Searat in Clogg's crew. Killed by Ballaw and Felldoh. (MW)

CRABSEAR. Stoat.  Rebel corsair on Sampetra.  Killed by Clecky and Martin the Second.  (PL)

CRAKLYN. Female squirrel of Redwall.   She was a close friend of Piknim and Tansy.  She was good at solving riddles and helped in the search for the Pearls of Lutra.  She later became Abbey Recorder. (PL, LP)

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CREGGA ROSE EYES.  Female badger.  As Lady of Salamandastron, her favorite weapon was a huge pike and she was skilled in the forge.  Her eyes were perpetually tinged with the light of the Bloodwrath.  She killed Damug Warfang at the battle at the Ridge of a Thousand, but was blinded.  She then unofficially adopted Russano and retired to be the Mother of the Redwall Dibbuns.  She ran the abbey between Abbess Song's death and Abbess Mhera's installation.  She was killed by Vallug Bowbeast.  (LP, MX, TG)

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CRESSEYE.  Otter in Rab and Iris' holt in Southsward.   (BM)

CRIKULUS.  Ancient male shrew.   Wears rock crystal spectacles.  Gatekeeper of Redwall. (TS)

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CRIUTH. Trident-rat appointed Captain by Ublaz. (PL)

CROCUS. Female hare of Salamandastron. Daughter of Learunner, sister of Fleetleg and Gorsepaw. Killed by searats. (MR)

CROIKLE. Small green frog with golden eyes. Friend/pet of Sollertree. Doesn't speak; only says "croikle". (MX)

CROOKNECK. Rat in Urgan Nagru's army. (BM)

CROSSTOOTH. Cosair fox in Clogg's crew. Wears purple bandanas. Killed by Amballa. (MW)

CROW BRETHREN.  A tribe of crows who resided in a pine grove just west of the wastelands of north-east Mossflower.  They were forced from their home when Swartt’s horde burned the pine grove, and were soon exterminated by Shang Damsontounge’s foxes. (OR, SN)

CUMARNEE MIGOOCH.  Fat, old male hedgehog with bushy eyebrows.  Husband of Mammee, father of Fridilo, brother-in-law of Roobee, and patriarch of a group of around one hundred hedgehogs living on the coast well north of Salamandastron.  (TS)

CUP OF CHEER.  Pink rhubarb wine brewed by Ambrose Spike during the Winter of Deepest Snow.  (PL)

CURLO.  Young female Guosim shrew with a lively, gruff singing voice.  (PL)

CYNTHIA VOLE.  Orphaned female vole living at Redwall.  She was among those kidnapped by Slagar and his slavers.    When she was first taken she was not very strong or brave and complained often, but by the time she returned to Redwall she was more mature. (MT)

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