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DAB.  "Dibbuns Against Bedtime," a secret society invented by unruly Dibbuns.  Mr. Jacques wrote this into the book as a nod to an unofficial online fan club of the same name.  (TS)

DABBY. Male Guosim shrew.  (PL)

"DADDO".  Garraway's father.  Old otter warrior.  (LL)

DAGRAB.  Female rat in the Juskarath clan.  She was killed by Nimbalo outside Redwall Abbey because she killed his father.  (TG)

DAKKLE. Male water rat killed by Redwallers.  (MX)

DAMPER.  Male weasel.  Slaver in Slagar's band.  He was killed by the Blackrobes of Malkariss. (MT)

DAMPWATCH. Toad living near Bat Mountpit. (MF)

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DAMUG WARFANG.  Greatrat.  Son of Gormad Tunn, brother of Byral Fleetclaw.  Firstblade of the Rapscallion army.  Killed at the battle of the Ridge of a Thousand by Cregga Rose Eyes.  (LP)

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DAN, BROTHER.  Redwall resident.  He was skilled in woodworking and carving, and also made spectacles.  (MT)

DANDIN THE SWORDCARRIER.  Male mouse.   Great-great grandson of Gonff, Prince of Mousethieves.  Childhood friend of Saxtus.   He helped to build Redwall’s belltower.  He was chosen to carry Martin’s sword in the quest to rescue Joseph the Bellmaker from Gabool.  After the fall of Bladegirt he and Mariel set off together to find adventure.  They eventually made their way to Southsward, where they helped liberate Castle Floret from Urgan Nagru.  After the war, he sailed off with Mariel and Bowly in the Pearl Queen to see what was over the western horizon. (MR, BM)

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DANNFLOR ("DANN") REGUBA. Male warrior squirrel. Son of Rusvul Reguba. His mother died when he was an infant. She had wanted him to be a daughter named Dannflower! Chosen by Martin the Warrior's spirit to carry his sword. One of the "Four Chieftains" who journeyed to Marlfox Island. Later named Abbey warrior.   (MX)

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DAN'L. Redwall mole. (MR)

DANTY. Young mole of Redwall. (MR)

DARKCLAW.  Male rat.   Captain in Cluny the Scourge's army.  Killed by boiling water during an attempt to tunnel into Redwall. (RW)

DARK FOREST. The afterlife.

DARKFUR. Bat in Bat Mountpit. (MF)

DARKQUEEN.  Huge black galley with red sails, powered by oarslaves.  The flagship of Gabool's fleet, it was captained by Saltar and then stolen by Greypatch.  It was later scuppered in the River Moss by the Long Patrol. (MR)


DEADGLIM.  Male searat.  Matey of Frink.   Greypatch's bosun on the Darkqueen.  He carried scimitar.  He lost his left ear in battle with the Long Patrol.  He was lured into dangerous Flitchaye territory by Oak Tom.  (MR)

DEADNOSE. Male ferret.  Slaver in Slagar’s band. Died when he was sucked under in a swamp in Mossflower. (MT)

DEARIE LINGL.  Female hedgehog.  Wife of Tirry, mother of Gurmil, Tirg, Giller and Bitty.  Friend of Sunflash.  She lived in a cave in north-west Mossflower.    She had a nice singing voice.  (OR)

DEATH PIT, THE.  Name given to the bottom deck of the Goreleech by the oarslaves, because of the deplorable conditions there.   (LL)

DEATHCOIL. Grass snake who pretends to be an adder to frighten travellers. Companion of Whipscale. (MF)

DEDDGUTT.  Male ferret Captain on Sampetra.   Promoted by Rasconza.  (PL)

DEDJAW. Corsair in Clogg's crew. (MW)


DEEKEYE.  Female hedgehog of Southsward.   Mate of Gawjun.  She was from a rather primitive tribe and used archaic speech.  She carried a war club. (BM)

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DEEPCOILER.  Monster that lived in the Big Inland Lake. Killed by the Sword of Martin. (SN)

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DEESUM. Mousemaid actress in the Sensational Wandering Noonvale Companions Troupe. Guardian and aunt of Dwopple.   (MX) 

DENNO.  A fat, jolly, mouse from Luke's tribe who accompanied him on the Sayna.  He was seasick at first.  He was taken as an oarslave on the Goreleech, and later survived to old age aboard the Arfship.   (LL)

DEODAR.  Young female hare of Salamandastron.  10th Spring Runner.  Favorite weapson is a saber.  Neice of Morio.  (LP)

DETHBRUSH.  Male fox.  Soldier in Ferahgo's horde.  He tracked Dingeye and Thura across Mossflower, and took the Sword of Martin from Dingeye when he beheaded him.  He was killed by the Deepcoiler.   (SN)

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DEWFLECK.  Quiet, older female hare of Salamandastron.  Sunflash appointed her as sickbay assistant.  (OR)

DEWNOSE.  Stoat Captain in Ferahgo’s army. (SN)

DEYNA.  Male otter.  Grandfather of Rillflag, great-grandfather and namesake of the Taggerung Deyna.  He had a birthmark shaped like a speedwell flower.  (TG)

DEYNA, a.k.a. TAGG.  Male otter.  Son of Rillflag and Filorn, younger brother of Mhera.  Born with a birthmark on his right paw in the shape of a speedwell flower.  When he was only days old he was kidnapped by Juskarath and raised as the adopted son of Sawney Rath.  As the Taggerung of the Juskarath, he had the usual clan tattoos as well as a blue lightning flash on his left cheek.  His tattoos and birthmark were later removed by Rukky Garge.  After splitting with the Juskarath, Deyna traveled to Redwall Abbey, where he was reunited with his mother and sister and became abbey Champion.  (TG) 

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DIBBUNS. Young ones at Redwall Abbey.  (The term was introduced in Mariel of Redwall.)

DIGGUM. Little molemaid of Redwall (PL).  Foremole (LP).   Cellarkeeper (MX). [Note:  Due to a rare goof by Brian Jacques, the genders of Diggum and Gurrbowl were switched between Pearls of Lutra and The Long Patrol.  In the latter, Diggum is male, but in the former, Diggum is a female Dibbun.]

DIMPLE. Guosim shrew. (PL)

DINAT.  Pigmy shrewmaid of the Cavemob tribe.   Daughter of Bodjev and Chich, sister of Alfik and three sisters.  She was "chosen" by a dripping stalactite to be the next sacrifice to Yo Karr, but Deyna/Tagg killed the eel and saved her life.  (TG)

DINGEYE.  Male stoat.  He deserted Ferahgo's horde with Thura and wandered Mossflower until they ended up at Redwall Abbey.  When they fled from the Abbey he stole Martin's sword.  He was later beheaded by Dethbrush in Mossflower woods. (SN)

DINJER. Infant pygmy shrew. Only son of Amballa. Misbehaved. Father killed by a gannet. Saved from a gannet by Martin the Warrior. (MW)

DINNY, OLD. Young Dinny’s grandfather. Childhood friend of Boar the Fighter. (MF)

DINNY, YOUNG.  Male mole.  Grandson of Old Dinny, grandfather of Togget.  He went questing to Salamandastron with Martin, Gonff and Log-a-Log.  He later became the first Foremole of Redwall. (MF, LL)

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DIPPER. Little bird who helped Martin, Rose, Grumm and Pallum escape from the cannibal lizards and find the mountain. (MW)

DIPPLER. Young male Guosim shrew. One of the "Four Chieftains" who went to Marlfox Island. Weapon of choice is a shrew rapier. After the quest was named Log-a-Log of the Guosim.


DIPTAIL.  Male magpie in Ironbeak’s army. Brother of Quickbill and Brightback. Either he or one of his brothers was killed in the final clash at Redwall, but it's not specified which. (MT)

DIRGECALLERS. Two adult female ermine.  They have red eyes, black tailtips, and, in the summer, dull brown coats.  They were brought across the seas to Southsward by Urgan Nagru, who used them as trackers and killers in his army.  They were kept in a cage and were feared by the other vermin in the horde.  Mad, speechless and savage, the Dirgecallers track by scent and ravage live prey.   They were killed in a landslide trap by Meldrum, Mariel and Dandin. (BM)

DITCHPAW.  Male ferret. Kotir soldier. (MF)

DOBY.  Male mole of Redwall.   Brother of Walt.  (RW)

DOGGLE.  Male Dunehog.  (LL)

DOGFUR.  Ferret.  Kotir soldier.   (MF)

DOGHEAD.  Male stoat.  Captain in Ferahgo’s army. (SN)

DOOMEYE.  Male searat, brother of Ripfang.  He is a master marksman with a bow and arrows.  He and Ripfang signed on with Ungatt Trunn's Horde and Salamandastron and quickly was promoted to the rank of captain.   Was killed by Ruff while trying to assassinate Brocktree.  (BT)

DORCAS. Young female hedgehog. Trag member. Younger sister of Barty. Went to live at Redwall after the fall of Bladegirt. (MR)

DORMAL, BROTHER.  Shy, old male mouse.  As Redwall's Herbalist, he had extensive knowledge of plants and insects.  He was also a poet and shared beekeeping duties with Furlo. (PL)

DORUMEE.  Fat old grandmother otter.  Wife of Wallyum, mother of Inbar and Winniegold, mother-in-law of Grath.  She wears an apron.  She lives in Ruddaring with the Holt Rudderwake.  (PL)

DOTTI.  Full name is Dorothea Duckfontein Dillworthy.  Daughter of Daphne and Cramsy, niece of Septimus and Blench.  This hare is a self-described "fatal beauty" who likes to believe she can sing, although her companions might argue that point.  She also plays the harecordion.   She met Brocktree while both were travelling to Salamandastron, where she later became the very first Long Patrol General. (BT)

DOWNYROSE.  Female hedgehog.  Wife of Bistort, mother of Urtica, mother-in-law of Welfo.  Resident of Peace Island.   Uses archaic speech.  (TS)

DRAGTAIL. Tall, gaunt male ferret with a limp tail.   Soldier and archer in Ferahgo’s army. He was killed in battle at Salamandastron by an arrow. (SN)

DRANGLE. Searat. Lookout on the Shalloo. Killed in the Green Maelstrom. (BM)

DRENNER.  Male otter.  Father of Norgle.   Died as an oarslave on the Goreleech.  (LL)

DRIGG.  Rat in Urgan Nagru's army. Killed by Muta. (BM)

DRIGG SLOPMOUTH.  Father of a family of thirteen stoats, a band of lazy thieves who rob travelers in north-east Mossflower.  (BT)

DRIPNOSE.  Male searat in Greypatch's crew on the Darkqueen. (MR)

DROBNA.  Searat on the Goreleech.  Died when the ship was wrecked on the Tall Rocks.

DROGG SPEARBACK.  Male hedgehog.  Grandfather of Egburt and Floburt, great-grandson of Gurgan Spearback.  Abbey Cellarkeeper.   (TG)

DROONY.  Male Dibbun mole of Redwall.  Nephew of Burrley.  He had Dryditch fever.  He later became an apprentice to Tudd Spinney in the abbey cellars. (SN)

DROPEAR.  Male member of the Rapscallion army.  (LP)

DRUBB.  Male mole of Redwall.  (LP)

DRUBBER. Male mole of Redwall.  He is easily moved by music and poetry. (MR, MW)

DRUCCO SPIKEDIGGLE, BARON.  Large male hedgehog.   Husband of Mirklewort, father of Skittles.  Leader of a hedgehog tribe called the Rabble.  Sticks grass and leaves to his quills to make himself look bigger and also for camouflage.  Weapon of choice is the hatchet.  (BT)

DRUFO.  Old male squirrel slave in Riftgard.  He was a close friend of Rocc Arrem and Triss.  He was killed by Kurda while causing a diversion that allowed Triss and her friends to escape.  (TS)

DRULL.  Male rat.  Captain in Ungatt Trunn's horde.  (BT)

DRUNN TUNNELLER.  Mole friend of Luke's tribe.   Uncle of Burdle.  (LL)

DRUWP. Male bankvole slave at Marshank. A traitor, he sold information to Badrang in exchange for food. Killed by Felldoh. (MW)

DRYDITCH FEVER. Sickness accompanied with high fever, weakness, and chills. Caused an epidemic at Redwall. The only known cure is the Flowers of Icetor, found in the north mountains. (SN)

DRYNOSE.  Male weasel.  Slaver in Slagar’s band.  He was killed by Halftail near Loamhedge. (MT)

DUCKWEED. Young male otter under Skipper’s command. (MF)

DUDDLE POLLSPIKE. Fat, male hedgehog with even, white teeth. Husband of Tutty, father of Clematis Roselea and Arundo.   Lived on a raft in the southern Broadstream. (OR)

DULAM.  Mouse from Luke's tribe who accompanied him on the Sayna.  He was seasick at first.  He was taken as an oarslave on the Goreleech.  (LL)

DUMBLE. Male Dibbun dormouse of Redwall.   He went with Thrugg to seek out the Flowers of Icetor. As an adult he always slept outside in the abbey orchard in case his eagle and falcon friends returned for a visit.   He later told the story of Salamandastron to Arula's grandson, Burrem. (SN)


DUMBREL, "GRANMA."  Old female mole of Mossflower in the Longladle family group.  Presumably the wife of "Granfer" Clubb.  (BT)

DUNEHOGS.  Tribe of hedgehogs who inhabit the sand dunes on the coast well north of Salamandastron.  They scare off intruders by wearing ghost costumes and stilts.  (LL)

DUNESPIKE.  Enormous hedgehog chieftan of the Dunehogs.  Father of Murfo.  (LL)

DUNFREDA.  Female hare of Salamandastron.   Wife of Colonel Whippscut, mother of Bescarum.  Famed for her violent weeping fits.  (TS)

DUNWING SPARRA.  Female sparrow living above Redwall Abbey.  Widow of Greytail, mother of Warbeak, sister of Bull. She is brave, kind and stoic.  (RW)

DURBY FURREL.  Male mole Dibbun of Redwall.  He likes to mimic people, and is good friends with Feegle.    He survived a fall from the abbey wall--something Cluny the Scourge barely survived!  (TG)

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DURGEL. Redwall Dibbun. (PL)

DURRAL, ABBOT.  Old male mouse.  He was once a kitchen worker before he became Abbot, presumably succeeding Mordalfus.   In his seventh season as Abbot he was kidnapped by Lask Frildur and the Monitors and taken to Sampetra.  He befriended Romsca along the way.  Martin the Second rescued him and returned him to Redwall.  He then abdicated to Tansy and became a friar. (PL)

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DURRLOW. Water rat named personal Adviser by Mokkan when he became King. (MX)

DURRY QUILL. Male hedgehog of Redwall.  Nephew of Gabriel Quill.  He went questing with Mariel and Dandin, and later succeeded his uncle as cellarmaster of Redwall.  He also went with Joseph the Bellmaker on his quest to Southsward.  Along the way he became close friends with Rufe and Fatch.   (MR, BM, MW)

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DURVY.  Male sea otter in Brogalaw's holt.   (BT)

DUSKSKIN, LORD.  Male bat.   Ruler of Bat Mountpit.  (OR)

DWING.  Fat shrew in Alfoh's Guosssom band. Cousin of Nordo. (SN)

DWOPPLE. Male mouse. Nephew and ward of Deesum. Very mischievous Dibbun. Travels with the Sensational Wandering Noonvale Companions Troupe. (MX)



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