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EDMUND, BROTHER. Male mouse.  Resident of Redwall Abbey.  He holds a set of keys to the cellars.  He was on sentry duty the night Shadow climbed the abbey wall. (RW)

EEFERA.  Large male weasel in the Juskarath clan.   Loyal to Sawney Rath.  Killed by Deyna/Tagg with Martin's Sword.  (TG)

EGBERT THE SCHOLAR.  Fat male mole of Southsward.  He wore a belted shagreen tunic and spectacles.  He was born "Soilburr" in a tribe of moles living east of Castle Floret.  Dissatisfied with such a rustic existance, he moved into a series of tunnels, cave and secret passageways in and below Castle Floret.  He educated himself so he no longer talked in molespeak, but in an intellectual tone filled with rhymes and large words.    He can lapse back into molespeak when speaking to fellow moles, however.   He nursed Rab and Muta back to health after they were nearly killed by Urgan Nagru's rats.  He also preserved many books and scrolls from the library of Castle Floret when the vermin tried to destroy them.  He had no real fighting skills.   After the war he was appointed Castle Librarian and Archivist of Floret, Official Recorder for Southsward Country and Dynastic Concordance Coordinator to the House of Gael.   (BM)

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EGBURT, BROTHER.  Male hedgehog of Redwall.   Grandson of Drogg, brother of Floburt, great-great-grandson of Gurgan Spearback.   With Floburt, succeeded Sister Alkanet as abbey infirmary keeper.  (TG)

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EGRAM, SISTER.  Inhabitant of Redwall. (LP)

ELACHIM OAKPAW. Male otter. Brother of Borrakul Ironchest. Member of the Sensational Wandering Noonvale Companions Troupe. (MX)

ELBUN.  Guosim shrew killed by Plugg and Kurda's vermin.  (TS)

ELLAYO. Kindly old female squirrel. Wife of Gawjo, mother of Janglur, mother-in-law of Rimrose, grandmother of Songbreeze. (MX)

ELLBRIG.  Hare.  Lance Corporal in the Long Patrol.  (LP)

ELMJAK. Old male squirrel.  Son of Firjak.   Friend of the Lingls and Dubbos.   He had healing knowledge and lived in northwestern Mossflower. (OR)

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ELMTAIL.  Male squirrel.  He was a slave of Malkariss.  After the fall of Malkariss' kingdom he came to live at Redwall, where he became a good friend of Jess and Sam.  He was also a Mossflower Patrol member. (MT)

EMALET. Owl. Daughter of Horty and Boldred. (MW)

EMILY. Shrew from Log-a-Log’s villiage. Father was an oar slave on the Bloodwake. (MF)

ERMATH.  Old, toothless vixen seer with the Juskabor clan.  (TG)

ERMY.  Fat female weasel in Mossflower in a robber band with three other weasels.  (BT)

EULALIA. War cry of badgers and hares, especially those associated with Salamandastron.

EYEBRIGHT.  Hare.  Colonel in the Long Patrol.   (LP)

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